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  1. Promotion/ Marketing Plan...what is it all about?
  2. Grassroots, author-based promotion methods (Or, Why Amazon and B&N won't save you)
  3. A question on getting reviewers.
  4. How to Market to the Eat, Pray, Love crowd
  5. Pseudonyms and Branding
  6. A warning about selling your books through Amazon
  7. Where to find book sales numbers
  8. So now you've published your book..
  9. A perplexing problem, I need help.
  10. Interview with Scott Sigler
  11. Shameless Self Promotion.
  12. Self-Publishing Success Stories (authors with more than 50,000 ebooks sold to date)
  13. 30 ways to help a book author you love...
  14. Social Networking Debacle
  15. Promoting self-pub work
  16. What's the best way to Promote a new book?
  17. Mainstream spy novel, gay main character, marketing balancing act?
  18. A review, a review! My kingdom for a review!
  19. So, why are reviews so important?
  20. Blogging and getting noticed
  21. A Website? Really?
  22. Marketing advice
  23. Why offer the ENTIRE book for free???
  24. How do you market an ebook?
  25. Cover art.
  26. Too much thought of selling and marketing my book on my mind
  27. [Marketing] Do you have a landing page for your book?
  28. What am I doing wrong?
  29. Are Giveaways Worth It?
  30. Can receiving a review from Kirkus increase your exposure?
  31. When online sale tracking sites don't recognize sales
  32. How many reviews should you write to increase exposure on Amazon?
  33. using a nom de plume
  34. To Review or Not to Review
  35. Marketing my work - Does having a blog really help?
  36. Promoting work that may trigger some people...what to do?
  37. A good promotion idea that is really hard to find
  38. The quest for publicity - Anything I've missed?
  39. Self-publishing and Publicity
  40. Reviewing books on Amazon
  41. Press Releases (Give me your list!)
  42. Is Your Kindle on Fire with E-Books?
  43. Building Author Platforms for Two Different Books
  44. Should I remove my book from the market?
  45. Is anyone else having trouble building a platform?
  46. Sending copies to magazine/tabloid reviewers.
  47. Using a blog to build readers?
  48. Marketing Freelance Work & Printing
  49. Promoting Serial Fiction
  50. Not Exactly New To Writing, But New Here... Looking For Some Advice On Marketing
  51. Ever had anything go Viral?
  52. Haranguing the media
  53. Taking up the Platform Building Gauntlet Once Again
  54. Ads on social media
  55. I love you Jen :-)
  56. No Marketing?
  57. Wasting time?
  58. Where do I start?
  59. How to promote a new blog?
  60. Does Twitter really work?
  61. Branding/Marketing notes
  62. Cover Art
  63. Creating Social media posts that will be noticed.
  64. Book Marketing Ideas
  65. Social Media Tips for Authors
  66. Is it TRUE that most published books SELL LESS THAN 100 Copies???
  67. Any Advice Strictly About Promotion?
  68. Social Media...
  69. Anyone tried STAGGERED PRICING for a Book Launch?
  70. It's not that bad
  71. That's all! Highway robbery!
  72. How many hits does your BOOK'S WEBSITE get?
  73. How to Write an Author Bio - Tips from Anne R. Allen
  74. Are local author book fairs worth attending?
  75. Book Cover
  76. Google Ads?
  77. 5 Book Cover Design Ideas for Best Selling Books
  78. My assessment of PAID CLICK-THRU ADS for my books...
  79. diferent covers for different sales channels
  80. Free & Simple Trick to Promote Your Book
  81. Which months have the HIGHEST BOOK SALES?
  82. Great Article on Launching/Promoting a best-selling book!
  83. Book Marketing Tip of the Day...
  84. Story Synopsis
  85. Another Free Book Marketing Tip!
  86. Just another BOOK MARKETING TIP
  87. Hello from Germany!
  88. Why are BOOK RATINGS lower on Goodreads than Amazon?
  89. Which SOCIAL MEDIA provides the Biggest Responses when Promoting your Books?
  90. ***UPDATE*** Using Book Award Contests for Marketing
  91. September Sales Slump?
  92. Proper Use of HASHTAGS by Authors
  93. Author Business Cards?
  94. Promotional Tips for Book's 1 Year Anniversary?
  95. Getting Publicity for your Book
  96. Ads in your local newspaper
  97. Amazon Also Bought! One of the most important issues in sales.
  98. First short story self published
  99. Anyone see a Big Sales Jump on Cyber Monday or Black Friday?
  100. Book signings
  101. Results of my 2017 Amazon Ads
  102. Why JANUARY was my best month yet for Book Sales...
  103. Great Article on Marketing in 2018!
  104. Stepped Outside my Comfort Zone by giving 3 speeches at a College Teacher Convention
  105. Good article explaining poor book sales
  106. promo never stops
  107. Fan base before marketing?
  108. Book Donations as a Promotional Tool?
  109. To advertise or not advertise?
  110. Blog tour booked!
  111. Sales boost from Emporium and Author Interview
  112. BIG DROP in book sales for April
  113. How to find authors that needs small-time sponsor?
  114. Marketing
  115. Good Article on how to find Speaking Gigs
  116. Amazon reviews
  117. Good Article on Free Book Promotions
  118. Short stories and making money
  119. Great Article with Book Marketing Tips
  120. Why Authors should be Public Speakers (and sell more books)
  121. Excellent Article on Disappearing Amazon Reviews
  122. Great Article on Author Websites!
  123. Places that you can sell books
  124. Marketing Techniques differ for FREE eBooks?
  125. Excellent Article on Hiring a PR Firm
  126. Interesting Article on BALANCING Marketing efforts and Writing the next book
  127. 15 speeches & counting... seems to make a big difference in total sales!
  128. Interesting Article on how to do BOOK SIGNINGS
  129. Getting yourself noticed.
  131. TVtropes
  132. How to IMPROVE your Author Website...
  133. Starting your own book blog...
  134. Anyone here used KDP ROCKET to get keywords for their Amazon ads?
  135. 2018 BOOK SALES BY FORMAT (ebook vs ppk vs hard cover vs audiobook)
  136. Cover art ideas?
  137. Interesting Article about ROOKIE MARKETING MISTAKES by authors
  138. Should book blurbs be revised as often as the novels themselves?
  139. Creative Ideas for Book Give-aways
  140. MARKETING TIP to Increase Visibility of Your Social Media Posts
  141. Dear fellow authors, Get out there and SPEAK! :)
  142. Working a book fair: how to sell books
  143. New site for advertising Indie books
  144. Is marketing children's books to schools really still a good idea?
  145. 10 Ways to Get Book Reviews!
  146. Book Awards for Marketing Purposes
  147. Judging Book Cover Designers' Reputations
  148. Editorial Reviews = SOCIAL PROOF!
  149. Say YES to more visibility!
  150. Remember to MEASURE your sales data often!
  151. Book-Selling Formula!
  152. Preparing a BOOK PROPOSAL will help your Marketing Efforts!
  153. Great Writing Advice from a FORTUNE COOKIE!
  154. another FREE marketing tip...
  156. My Top 10 Observations for using AMAZON ADS
  157. Audiobook Give-aways for marketing purposes
  159. 5 Ways to Promote Your Book on LINKEDIN
  160. Book Giveaways to Groups
  161. What is the WORST book marketing advice you followed?
  162. How to Maximize Your Book Sales With Data Analysis by Mike Kowis
  163. How to MEASURE your author website traffic
  164. Social Media can be a POWERFUL author tool!
  165. Don't forget to USE VIDEOS to promote your books!
  166. Good Article on Holiday Book Sales
  167. CROSS-MARKETING with other authors!
  168. Got several Amazon Reviews in August! Here's how...
  169. Plan for increasing sales during SLOW SEASONS
  170. How NOT to uses Social Media
  171. Instagram marketing info - Non Fiction
  172. Avoid Money Wasters!
  173. Good article on SEEKING BOOK REVIEWS
  174. Using PDFs to discuss content about your books on a Wix site
  175. WF merchandise
  176. Should I start my own blog tour to support other writers as well as my own brand?
  177. How to, where to, and what to
  178. Are podcasts actually worth looking into?
  179. Basic NUTS and BOLTS of Book Marketing
  180. Help Needed on How to Market the Genre of a Book
  181. Finally reached 3,000 total book sales!
  182. Who the hell is selling my books???
  183. Book sales during the pandemic?
  184. Do Author Videos Actually Work?
  185. First chapter of new book on my website?
  186. When Certain Companies Promise Drastic Results
  187. Pandemic's Impact on my NONFICTION book sales (chart)
  188. Asking your email list to purchase your new audiobook
  189. I'm looking for authors to collab on a virtual book tour!
  190. BOOK MARKETING TIP: Google your Author Name & Book Titles!
  191. Is donating paperback royalties to a charity worthy?
  192. Should You Really Ask Friends and Relatives to Join Your Email List?
  193. Sales Trends of my First Two Books (CHART INCLUDED)
  194. Can you start marketing your book to your audience without a cover?
  195. My SALES RESULTS from 2020 (and earlier)
  196. How do I avoid having my novel marketed as YA?
  197. SM Influencers for book-reviewing purposes
  198. 7 Tips I Learned from Bryan Cohenís 5-day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge
  199. What should I do?