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  1. Flashing Swords
  2. Spectra Magazine open for submissions
  3. Cavalier Literary Couture Call for Submissions
  4. Wake Up Your Muse!
  5. Welcome to my Wellbeing Magazine!
  6. Short+Sweet needs Script Assessors
  7. Story Opening Contest
  8. www.punksoulpoet.com - Now accepting submissions
  9. The Corner Club Press
  10. Montreal Poetry Prize
  11. Thousand Leashes is accepting submissions of poetry...
  12. The Absent Willow Review Short Story Contest
  13. Looking for Writers/Bloggers.
  14. June 30 deadline: "Last Call" for $1000 fiction and play script competition entries
  15. Looking for writers for a blog in development
  16. Paying Online Journal Accepting Submissions
  17. Animator Seeks Writer(s) for Mini-Mini-Series
  18. Contests
  19. Launch Date Approaching - Accepting Submissions
  20. Horror stories before Halloween
  21. Issue 5 of Darker - Contest forthcoming (Dark Speculative Fiction)
  22. Fantasy Writing Contest (Fantasy-Faction Anthology)
  23. $3,000 Grand Prize Writing Competition
  24. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - The Abstract Quill
  25. Short story competition
  26. Twitter Account for Short Funny Poetry (Open Submissions)
  27. Gold Dust magazine Playwright competition – £100 prize
  28. Little (Flash) Fiction call for entries
  29. Local Gems Poetry Press
  30. Competitions
  31. Oct Issue Writing Magazine competition insert.
  32. Ghost town lit. mag accepting submissions
  33. 1000 Stories of Hope - Australian Project
  34. Book Publishers Accepting Submissions by Category
  35. Call for Submissions! The Abstract Quill Magazine
  36. Call for Submissions. Sword and Sorcery Anthology
  37. Looking for an experienced writer to consistently workshop with
  38. Looking for Horror Short Story Submissions, win prizes and exposure!
  39. Call for Submissions: Science Fiction Shorts, Novells, and Serials
  40. We are building a short story platform. Join us.
  41. Back in Business: The Oddville Press
  42. Call For Submissions: East Coast Literary Review
  43. Halloween flash fiction contest.
  44. Thanksgiving Flash Fiction Contest
  45. Call for Submissions: Blank Fiction Magazine
  46. Vallum Contemporary Poetry - Call for Submissions!
  47. Google Calendar Of Writing Events / Competition Deadlines
  48. Best british horror - subs
  49. Call for Submissions to SPANK the CARP (Note to mods, Admin approved)
  50. hiring article writers
  51. 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Entries
  52. One Teen Story Contest (it's pretty rad)
  53. Writing Competition launched by Literacy Trust and Bloomsbury Books
  54. Call for Submissions: Modern Poetry Quarterly Review (MPQR) (Admin approved)
  55. CAll FOR SHORT STORY SUBMISSION! (Admin Approved)
  56. FORTH Magazine: Call for submissions
  57. Meerkat Press is open for submissions
  59. A Cruel Call for Submitting Poets
  60. Driftwood Press calls for submissions - April deadline
  61. Zeno Literary Agency open for submissions
  62. Shroud Publishing wants your book!
  63. Freeditorial Biannual Writers Contest - Frist Prize: $15,000
  64. Smashwords Forum Seeking Submissions for 2015 Anthology
  65. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call For Entries
  66. Sky Blue Films Launch Horror Script Competition
  67. Women in Horror Annual
  68. The Omniverse Launch Writing Contest
  69. Smashwords Forum 2015 Anthology Seeking Submissions
  70. Inkitt's "Hither and Thither" Fantasy Contest, their "End Game" Horror Contest
  71. Call for submissions: The Andromedae Review
  72. Lifetime Writers Project
  73. 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call For Entries
  74. Stories and Poems for VSA Anthology
  75. 2015 STORGY Short Story Competition
  76. The 2016 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards
  77. Sand Journal Issue #13 Open Call for Submissions
  78. Don't Talk to Me About Love-- Debut Contest!
  79. Write & Win Humor Contest
  80. Opportunity for prose and poetry writers exposure
  81. RiversEdge Contest
  82. Society--- Now accepting submissions
  83. Solarpunk writing and artwork contest
  84. Solarpunk & Eco-Speculation stories wanted
  85. Blue Spider Press--Call for Submissions
  86. The Creativate National Writing Competition 2016
  87. Zero Gravity Fiction call for submissions
  89. Moondottir Magazine call for submissions
  90. Into The Void--accepting submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  91. Scratch Post Magazine - Looking for Contributions!
  92. ABC Clarion-- Three categories, cash prizes
  93. inkbinge--- launching soon!
  94. TheBardQuarterly
  95. For poets: Green Writers Press seeking submissions
  96. Poetry competition (free to enter)
  97. Writers needed
  98. A Novel Writing Competition with a Difference
  99. Live Encounters Magazine looking for contributors
  100. Matador Review: Call for Submissions
  101. Don't Talk to Me About Love 2017 Poetry Contest
  102. Kensington Publishing calls to science fiction and fantasy writers!
  103. SAR taking applications for Writer-in-Residence Fellowship
  104. Amazon UK Kindle Christmas Campaign
  105. New Online Publisher Seeks Manuscripts
  106. Live Encounters Poetry Competition 2017
  107. Greetings from Long Beach, CA!
  108. Open Submissions for a Military-Fiction Short-Story Anthology
  109. Emily Dickinson First Book Award
  110. Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest (no fee)
  111. Contests and Services to Avoid
  112. Children's Picture Book Comp. (Story not Pictures)
  113. Flash Fiction Magazine: Flash Fiction Submissions
  115. The Kindle UK Storyteller contest
  116. Call for Submissions: Crime Fiction
  117. A Weekly Writing Challenge on Microcosmsfic.com
  118. Winetourismspain Short Story Writing Contest 2017 (no entry fee)
  119. Amazon launches £20,000 literary prize for Kindle authors
  120. Emerge Literary Journal- Dedicated to Emerging Writers (July 1st to August 15th)
  121. A call for eco-literature authors
  122. Woven Tale's first annual writing competition
  123. BlueCat 2017 Screenplay Competition!
  124. Tartarus Press - Short Story Collections and Novels (Call for Submissions)
  125. Open: Journal of Art & Literature (Call for Submissions)
  126. Looking for a few writers/articles for international online media, no pay
  127. Test Patterns Open Subs
  128. The Charles Carter/ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Call for Submissions!
  129. October Hill Magazine - Short Stories, Poetry and Visual
  130. Popshot Magazine: Call for submissions Fiction and Poetry. Deadline before 27th Nov
  131. Call for Submissions! I'm Making a Literary Magazine
  132. Inkitt Novel Contest - Closing 31st Oct - No Entry Fee
  133. Escape Pod: Science Fiction Short Stories
  134. NY Literary Magazine Best Short Fiction Story of 2017 contest. DL: Dec 10th, 2017
  136. Light - Photography & Poetry Journal - subs close 15/01/18
  137. Call for Entries: The 2018 PAGE Awards Competition
  138. 8 Markets Seeking Speculative Fiction
  139. The Poeming Pigeon's Open Call for Poetry (Dec 15, 2017 - Jan 31, 2018)
  140. From a Cat's Point of View
  141. Publication and Award Opportunity
  142. 4th Annual Poetry Contest at SPANK the CARP
  143. I have a Brain Storm Poetry Contest ? Please
  144. Writing Competitions and Contests 2018
  145. Poets: Chapbooks and Full-Length Poetry Book Contest - Jacar Press
  146. Poetry: 'One' online magazine
  147. Light: Journal of Photography & Poetry. CfS Closes March 30th 2018
  148. THE SHADOW BOOTH: bi-annual journal of weird and eerie fiction 31/3/2018
  149. IFLAC Anthology 2018: Poetry, Fictions and Articles - Deadline 30th March
  150. POETRY FICTION CONTEST - Antigonish Review
  151. Paying Markets (that don't require a fee)
  152. Test Patterns: Creature Features
  153. Submissions: Light - A Journal of Photography & Poetry (June 1st - 30th, 2018)
  154. Popshot Quarterly: Call for submissions -Fiction - Poetry. Closes May 29, 2018
  155. Midnight Hour (horror, dark sci-fi etc.) Vol 1 & 2 Deadline - May 1st
  156. Forty-Eight Review: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry. First issue deadline JUNE 7, 2018.
  157. Unlikely Magazine accepting fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction
  158. A Punk Rock Future Is Coming
  159. The Threepenny Review: essays, stories, poems, and memoirs
  160. Rescue Press - BLACK BOX POETRY PRIZE: Closes June 30th, 2018
  161. Abstract: poetry, flash fiction, creative nonfiction essay or memoir, multimedia
  162. Penguin (Daw Books) accepting unsolicited subs (SciFi & Fantasy)
  163. XTRA Magazine is seeking Interested Sports Writers
  164. Ginkgo Poetry Prize
  165. 2019 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - Call for Entries
  166. Ebb Tide Press is currently accepting submissions
  167. Robert N Stephenson Anthology (Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror) DL 15th Oct 2018
  168. Light Journal Issue 9 - Poetry and/or Photographs (Deadline 30th Sept 2018)
  169. On The Premises mini-contest #39
  170. Litnet.club
  172. Looking to network with other writers - Aspiring writer, producer etc.
  173. Give up the ghost story
  174. Call for Submissions: Flashes
  175. Open submissions for un-agented BAME writers
  176. Strange Stories of the Sea
  177. Test Patterns: Weird Westerns
  178. Sherlock Holmes: Call for Subs
  179. Horror: Call for Submissions.
  180. Call For Submissions: Darkness Wired Anthology & Contest
  181. Stories wanted for book with shared characters/town
  182. The Woven Tale Press Fiction Competition
  183. Submissions_speculative fiction_Three-lobed Burning Eye (Magazine)
  184. Call for Submissions: Route 7 Review
  185. Submit your original screenplay, pitch, or short for a UK-based feature film.
  186. Ryan Clearwater
  187. Ekphrastic Challenge invitation
  188. Call for Submissions for "Nature 20/20"
  189. Looking for a Publisher? Write for us!
  190. Looking for a Publisher? Write for us!
  191. Hello All! We’re looking for news contributors
  192. WIN $35,000 for an original 10 episode web series comedy.
  193. WIN $2500 Short film competition
  194. Black Dogs, Black Tales - Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
  195. Call for short story queries
  196. Documentary competition
  197. Call for Submissions - Terror Tract
  198. Writing Contests
  199. NEEDED ASAP Poems for Dr's & Nurses Week Mayo Clinic Jax, FL
  200. Call for Submissions: Flashes - Poetry and Fiction
  201. Submission: Call for Podcast Poetry from Senior Citizens (The Boyd Chronicles)
  202. Flashes: Call for Submissions - Flash Fiction and Poetry
  203. Fiction/Poetry/NF: The Moth Nature Writing Prize - Closing Date 15th Sept 2020
  204. Unfortunate Traveller Publishing -- open call for submissions
  205. Calls for Submissions -- Unfortunate Traveller Publishing
  206. Looking for collaborators on some political satire poetry
  207. Flashes - Call for Submissions - 100 word flash fiction
  208. Call for Submissions: Poetry and Flash Fiction
  209. National Flash Fiction Day Microfiction Competition - Closes 15th Feb
  210. National Flash-Fiction Day - Anthology Submission Guidelines CLOSES 15th FEB
  211. Free-to-enter competition. UK citizens only. RESTRICTED CRITERIA - READ CAREFULLY
  212. Writing contest for interactive romance