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  1. Plagiarism, copyrighting, and trademarks
  2. How to become a Ghostwriter?
  3. Basic Guide to Essay Writing
  4. Story Tracker - a submission tracking tool for writers
  5. Resrources
  6. Trove
  7. The Blogroll - your blogs and web pages.
  8. Haikai no Renga Article
  9. Creative Writing Wikia
  10. Software for novelists
  11. Magazine Search Engine
  12. Nice Stories
  13. Interview Book Advice Required
  14. New Humor blog. Hillarious!
  15. Which word processor do you use?
  16. Preserving your Life Story/Family History
  17. Ways of searching the internet
  18. List of Reviewers that review Indie and Self Published Books
  19. Publications for Personal Essays
  20. Posting on this board.
  21. Reputable Agents
  22. POD Sites
  23. Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test
  24. Plot Development
  25. Formatting for Kindle and other DigitalMedia
  26. Knowing Your Rights
  27. TV Tropes - Get Your Dose of Ideas
  28. Tutorials on Creating an Interesting Story Arc
  29. Waking Up Gilligan is finally complete!
  30. The Blogroll
  31. Free Script Download Sites for Screenwriters
  32. World building project
  33. Halloween contest
  34. Beta Readers Wanted
  35. A useful method for character development.
  36. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas WF
  37. Book promotion.
  38. Greeting Card Association (UK)
  39. Free Kindle novels - worth it to the author?
  40. One or two test readers wanted
  41. Writing Programs versus Microsoft Word
  42. Ipad vs laptop
  43. Data sorting/filing/stocking
  44. Some orders happening.
  45. First Writer's Conference
  46. Show, Not Tell...
  47. The best proofreading software (for non-native speakers) - English?
  48. Free Kindle short story anthology
  49. Learned Tips!
  50. writing apps/software
  51. Books Of Interest
  52. Short Story magazines?
  53. Reference book for past number ones, blockbuster releases etc. for each year
  54. Help for writing realistic injuries
  55. Wealthy Writers' Wisdom
  56. Contract killers and hot superfreaky flight attendants?
  57. Wikipedia Book Creator
  58. Necessary Evil by John Bushore
  59. DeviantArt
  60. Books about Shakespeare:Trivium and the book that follows it that studies shakespeare
  61. Free webinar about creating iBooks
  62. Books and suggestions, and reader recommendations
  63. A Visual Thesaurus
  64. if you know your biographies...
  65. Zanshine, French Illustrator
  66. Historical Fiction (slavery) novels
  67. A Couple Helpful Publishing Sites
  68. Pertaining to/relating to terms
  69. Found this a little humorous
  70. The Australian Writers' Forum
  71. Shelf Media Group
  72. most recent guest on TV Skywriter
  73. Choosing an agent
  74. How to make symbols with keyboard.
  75. Experimental Fiction Online
  76. Free Online College (not-for-credit) Course on Genre Writing by NYT Bestseller
  77. Kissing... some nice literary descriptions.
  78. How to Write A Book
  79. Is there a categorized thread on literary description resources?
  80. Free e-books.
  81. A tool to help with naming characters and fictional objects
  82. Ever done/commissioned "concept art" for your OC(s)?
  83. Alphasmart NEO Review
  84. Resources for writers to find writing jobs
  85. Rhyming Dictionary
  86. Online Thesaurus, etc. Recommendations
  87. Laser mono printer, best bang for your buck?
  88. D.I.Y?
  89. Writing Business Plans
  90. Writing Tips - Fantasy Art Resource Project
  91. rhyming dictionary
  92. The Reverse Dictionary
  93. Freeplane
  94. Beta Readers
  95. Citation machine
  96. EditMinion - Free Online Editing Tool
  97. Website with free grammar and revision guidelines for prose writing
  98. I Write Like
  99. Formatting for Kindle DeMystified
  100. For Writers with disabilities
  101. Top Five...
  102. My take on how to become a Writer - Books on Writing
  103. Writing Mobile Apps
  104. My Favorite English Grammar Book:
  105. Can Anyone Tell Me...
  106. Effective avenues for editing services?
  107. New Open Source (free) writing software
  108. The Oddville Press...
  109. Grasping the Mechanics
  110. Looking for help and tips using OpenOffice/LibreOffice
  111. Writing Podcast
  112. Twitter and its uses.
  113. Welcome to WF Beyond the Forum.
  114. World Building - a tutorial
  115. Links to publishers
  116. Create Android apps with your writings
  117. British Library Collection... warning: may cause procrastination.
  118. MOOCs!
  119. Does anyone recommend something faster than Scrivener?
  120. Should I use Wattpad?
  121. World Building - Regional Maps
  122. Puncuation in Dialogue
  123. Book Cover Archive
  124. The Usefulness of Books on Writing
  125. Which website should I post my stories on?
  126. bookbaby
  127. Ghostwriting where YOU choose what to write about!
  128. A New Way To Help Your Fellow Writers?
  129. Story Character Questions
  130. Music Journalists
  131. Posting on Wordpress
  132. Building a cover
  133. Use Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads to get your book in everyone's face!!
  134. Help wanted: Womens clothing
  135. Helplessly distracted by the internet? Salvation is at hand!
  136. Elizabeth Gilbert link
  137. Blog that analyzes the work of famous writers and gives prompts
  138. The Grinder - Best website for writers ever (apart from this one, of course)
  139. Create a Fantasy Map
  140. Hemingway app
  141. Buy Wall St Journal in the UK
  142. American to British Language Converter
  143. FAO UK Poets
  144. online system for organization
  145. Published Author Q&A sessions
  146. Call for Chapbook Submissions -- Porkbelly Press
  147. 'Short story Masterclass' podcasts
  148. The Elements of Style
  149. Romance is hard, poetry is harder - VALENTINE'S DAY COMPETITION
  150. Input on summer writers conferences?
  151. A list of places to send your flash
  152. Which [Sub-]Forum is appropriate to hear pros/cons/reviews of writing/plot software?
  153. WINNERS - Valentine's Day Competition
  154. Fantasy Creatures
  155. "Paper" free on Smashwords and Amazon
  156. Adobe Acrobat -- Can id do what I need?
  157. Software recommendations?
  158. Kickstarter Question, any marketing ideas for a Graphic Novel
  159. Futurelearn.com
  160. Eats, Shoots & Leaves
  161. Residential libraries and other writing sanctuaries
  162. WF and facebook
  163. Free Online Course: How to Write Your First Song
  164. FYI: eBook download (free dl til 6/1): How To Not Suck at Writing Your First Book on
  165. fiverr.com, pretty much the best cover site ever
  166. Scrivner? Whatever
  167. Short Story magazines, digital and physical
  168. Orbit offering to read 2000 word fantasy pieces
  169. Exciting
  170. Words as pictures? Research article.
  171. Twenty7 books open submission period
  172. Free online course on identify remains, future learn
  173. World Building Primer
  174. Building and Validating an ePub file.
  175. Tell us about your efforts to market yourself using social media!
  176. Youtube Channel with Audio Reading
  177. Amazon opens book store
  178. most recommended references for fledgling writers and . . . go!
  179. Gollancz welcoming direct sff/YA subs through January!!
  180. Another way to help each other
  181. Free Online Course - Life and Works of William Shakespeare
  182. The Merger of Goodreads and Shelfari
  183. Hungry for work - Where to get clients??
  184. Story Engineering by Larry Brooks
  185. Speak to Write Software
  186. best and most comprehensive online dictionary . . . or should i just buy a hard copy?
  187. Tam O'Shatner
  188. Twitter - are you a Tweep?
  189. Writing with power by Peter Elbow
  190. Paying For Beta
  191. Podcasts
  192. Hey, wanna see a bad poem?
  193. Grammarly on your Browser
  194. Maybe I can help
  195. Grammarly
  196. Charity Poetry Release
  197. Don't go there
  198. Writers helping writers beyond the forum
  199. Brandon Sanderson's Creative Writing Lectures
  200. Pre-release Reviews & New Release
  201. Fiction anyone?
  202. Controversial Old YouTube Writing Series
  203. Do writers outnumber readers?
  204. Free Book on Story Structure
  205. Website with some useful advice.
  206. Published in Live Encounters - Wildlife as Persons
  207. Sample feedback
  208. A great review by WildPolitics for eco-literature book
  209. Story Cubes Prompt
  210. Free Writing Courses
  211. Book Recommendation on story structure, scene, and so forth (structure).
  212. Interesting Tweets - What's New?
  213. Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology - ARCs available to WF members
  214. Free for one week only
  215. Infield Singles: Baseball Poems
  216. Free writing courses
  217. Worldsmyths- a haven for fantasy writers (a forum)
  218. 'What's happening in the world?' Free e-books by 20 authors!
  219. Creative Composition Book I am Reading and Recommend. (or considered narrative skill)
  220. Humpback whales
  221. hi all!
  222. Do you know where we got all these funny ideas about organic food?
  223. I would need a bloggr blog
  224. Converting Files
  225. Free e-Books by more than 20 environmental authors - limited offer!
  226. Designing your own book cover? This could be of interest...
  227. Reflections in a Black Mirror free
  228. A Snapshot of Reading in America in 2013
  229. WritingForums Member BookStore - Reminder
  230. Free Online Research Resources (In Progress)
  231. Windows Ink
  232. Pro tip: Teach in costume!
  233. PRO TIP: Use Social Media to Motivate you to Write!
  234. Real-life Writing groups.
  235. Trying out something new.
  236. Tool that shows which Libraries carry your book!
  237. James Patterson's Masterclass on Writing
  238. I Recommend this book for wring short stories or novels
  239. Exploring Copyright - Free Online Course (expires 13th March)
  240. Simple Phrase Grammar
  241. Cuttin' Heads
  242. Recipes, Novels and Short Stories, Oh My!
  243. Free Online Course: Start Writing Fiction
  244. Requesting Feedback
  245. Free College Course by Brandon Sanderson on Youtube
  246. My Poem Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
  247. My Publishing News
  248. Darren White and Vaso Publishing Inc.
  249. 50 Places to Download Free Books and Literary Texts Legally Free
  250. Valentine Micropoetry Challenge 2019