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  1. Author Interview: Dan McKeown (Sam)
  2. Author Interview: Terry Durbin (Terry D)
  3. Author Interview: MJ Preston (MJ Preston)
  4. Author Interview: Dave Watson
  5. Author Interview: David Rider (ClosetWriter)
  6. Author Interview: John Bushore (WriterJohnB)
  7. Guest Interview: Stuart Woods
  8. Author Interview: Austin Dewart (bookmasta)
  9. Guest Interview: Hugh Howey
  10. Guest Interview: Berndadette Geyer
  11. Author Interview: Steven Hawley (Potty)
  12. Guest Interview: Gina Piccalo
  13. Guest Interview: Colleen Hoover
  14. Guest Interview: William Meikle
  15. Guest Interview: Margaret Weis
  16. Guest Interview: Ann VanderMeer
  17. Author Interview: Ethan Blake (Ethan)
  18. Author Interview: Louise Beech (Loulou)
  19. Guest Interview: K.M. Weiland
  20. Author Interview: Oliver Buckle (Olly Buckle)
  21. Guest Interview: Benedict Jacka
  22. Author Interview: Dale Hollin (Dale)
  23. Guest Interview: Karen Miller
  24. Author Interview: David Gordon Burke
  25. Guest Interview: Brandon Sanderson
  26. Author Interview: David Driver (Arthur G. Mustard)
  27. Guest Interview: Kristen Lamb
  28. Author Interview: Kell Inkston
  29. Guest Interview: Graham Edwards
  30. Author Interview: Riis Marshall
  31. Guest Interview: Kristen Britain
  32. Author Interview: J-Mag Guthrie (AstroAnnie)
  33. Author Interview: Terry D (2015 Grand Fiction Challenge Winner)
  34. Guest Interview with Grand Challenge Sponsors, Cran and Meerkat
  35. Guest Interview: Samit Basu
  36. Guest Interview: A.G. Riddle
  37. Author Interview with Jennifer Christie Temple (jenthepen)
  38. Author Interview with R. H. Peat (RHPeat)
  39. Guest Interview: Diane Lockward
  40. Author Interview: Adrian Selby (Caragula)
  41. Guest Interview: Jack Silkstone
  42. Author Interview: Jack L. Pyke (Aquilo)
  43. Guest Interview: Mary Woodbury
  44. Author Interview with Terry W. Ervin II (TWErvin2)
  45. Guest Interview: Keith Rosson
  46. L. G. Cullens (LeeC)
  47. Author Interview with Dale Day (lvcabbie)
  48. Guest Interview: Brian McClellan
  49. Author Interview with Harule Stokes (Tettsuo)
  50. Author Interview with Donna Mulvenna
  51. Guest Interview with Dede Cummings - Green Writers Press
  52. Author Interview - JP Rai (Mesafalcon)
  53. Guest Interview: Stephen Clarke
  54. Guest Interview: Anne R. Allen
  55. Author Interview - Stephen Bishop (WALTEREGO)
  56. Interview: InkwellMachine (2016 Grand Fiction Challenge Winner)
  57. Meet the 'Grand LM Fiction Challenge' Judges (2017)
  58. Guest Interview with Michael J. Sullivan
  59. Author Interview with Duane Pesice
  60. Guest Interviet with Sheenagh Pugh
  61. Guest Interview with Liane Strauss
  62. Guest Interview Plagiarism & Copyright Q&A with Jonathan Bailey
  63. Author Interview with Margi Prideaux
  64. Author Interview - Mike Kowis
  65. Author Interview - Susan Coleman
  66. Guest interview: G.D. Penman - Urban Fantasy
  67. Author interview - Cate Cameron (Bayview)
  68. WF Author Interview - Neetu Malik
  69. WF Author Interview - Harper J. Cole
  70. WF Author Interview - Darren White
  71. WF Author Interview - Lindy Warrell
  72. WF Author Interview - Ralph Rotten
  73. Guest Interview & Giveaway: Seb Doubinsky
  74. The Origins of Writing Forums - Interview with Chrispian
  75. Guest Interview Pamelyn Casto
  76. Guest Interview with J.S. Breukelaar & Giveaway! #COLLISION #BLOGTOUR
  77. WF Author Interview - following danny home-
  78. WF Author Interview - with TL Murphy
  79. Guest Interview with Kyle Richardson & Giveaway!
  80. Guest Interview - Eugen Bacon
  81. Guest Interviews Lisa Orban - Founder of Indies United Publishing House
  82. WF Author Interview - J.T. Chris
  83. Guest Interview with Cat Rambo (& blog tour giveaway!)
  84. Guest-Interview with award-winning dark fantasy author, Kaaron Warren (& giveaway!)
  85. WF Author Interview - Matthew Tysz (aka 'Folcro')
  86. WF Author Interview - Cindy Adame (Gumby)
  87. Guest-Interview with Author Roy Freirich and Giveaway!
  88. Guest-Interview with award-winning dark fantasy author, J. Ashley-Smith (& Giveaway)
  89. Interview with author Gerry Huntman, and giveaway!
  90. Guest-Interview with award-winning author Kathe Koja
  91. Guest Interview with Dominique Hecq, author, poet, scholar!