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  1. Under New Management
  2. Welcome to the new WF Administrator
  3. Welcoming Caelum to the staff.
  4. Please welcome Gumby, our new Introductions and Poetry moderator
  5. Welcome to darknite_johanne as the New Media moderator
  6. Olly has his orange hat back
  7. Welcoming Tom to Staff
  8. K3ng is on the team
  9. Introducing KangThe Mad
  10. Welcome to the staff, ChestersDaughter and Patrick
  11. Sam W has gone Global!
  12. Welcome, Dreamworx95, Writers' Workshop moderator
  13. Welcome, TheFuhrer02, LM and Writing Discussion moderator
  14. Motley Press Staff Call
  15. Position of "Caretaker" Has Been Taken
  16. New Staff Members
  17. Gumby rules!
  18. Moderan is back
  19. Who's the Next Great Chef?
  20. Bilston Blue, RPG forum moderator
  21. toddm, site mentor
  22. Staff Changes: Moderan, Bilston Blue, Jinxi, and Bruno Spatola
  23. Candid Petunia new Introductions forum moderator
  24. Dreamy in Orange
  25. Tribute to Foxee
  26. Bazz the mentor
  27. Welcome Staff Additions and Changes
  28. Sam's Become a Redcoat
  29. Welcome bazz cargo and Bachelorette!
  30. Ooooh, Potty is greeeen!
  31. Garza and KyleColorado Don their Purple Hats
  32. Terry D has exchanged a purple hat for green!
  33. Squidtender Goes Purple
  34. The boards are alive with new color!
  35. Welcome Chester's Daughter to Orange
  36. Noxicity Joins WF staff!
  37. Welcome Cran to the Green-side!
  38. Promotion is Quick
  39. Tiamat Granted Super Powers
  40. Fin is Green!
  41. New Mentor!
  42. Squidtender Turned Green!
  43. Look who's purple!
  44. A purple Ana
  45. A Special Award to Honour our Captain
  46. Two Purple Ladies walked into a Forum...
  47. Welcome to the Gallows, Amsawtell.
  48. Candid Goes Orange
  49. Squid takes the orange
  50. WF's First Patrons
  51. Sam is feeling Blue
  52. Olly's the man for the job.
  53. There's purple piglets in Portugal?
  54. Another Member Takes the Purple!
  55. Blood-red squid???
  56. A Fond Farewell
  57. A very purple and Sunny day
  58. Two mentors walk into a bar...
  59. Staff for staff?
  60. The three Amigos
  61. Kyle with an upgrade
  62. A new pair of purple people
  63. Purple Haze
  64. Advanced Shadowwalker
  65. Chief Mentor?
  66. No need to rub your eyes...
  67. The Green Quartet?
  68. No, that's not Picasso...
  69. The Pink Army is Growing
  70. The Girls Are Back in Town
  71. In the Pink
  72. Changing it up!
  73. You've Got Red On You
  74. Adding some purple Ink
  75. John O Purple
  76. Pluralized Goes Senior
  77. Kevin in Pink
  78. Folcro and Cadence are Advanced
  79. J Anfinson is wearing purple these days
  80. Purple Morkonan?
  81. "G" is for GREAT!
  82. J Anfinson's Got an Upgrade
  83. What happens when a green mod falls in some pink dye?
  84. When fate meets the green robes . . .
  85. A new Purple Chief and a big Red Potty!
  86. Anatomy 101 in Purple pose
  87. Of First and Last Things
  88. PiP's become a Supervisor!
  89. Annie Get Your Purple???
  90. Dave Watson is king of the slush pile!
  91. TheYellowMustang turns green...
  92. Tiamat to Indigo
  93. Bowman turns a strange shade of green...
  94. Purple Stormageddon and Pancreas Ascends
  95. The Rise of Nickleby
  96. Greimentor
  97. He's not the sharpest Blade in the box.
  98. An old new supervisor!
  99. Pandora's Passing.
  100. Plasticweld has gone green
  101. A new green moderator!
  102. Plums are in season
  103. Who's Gone Global?
  104. Once in a Blue Moon
  105. Look what happens when you are...
  106. TKent has suited up!
  107. This Guy!
  108. And then, there's jenthepen...
  109. Is joshybo feeling well? He's turned an odd shade of plum :)
  110. Deafmute goes green!
  111. The Master of All Challenges
  112. We're PLUM excited to announce TJ has joined the media team!
  113. "It's the Ides of March; Beware Already!"*
  114. Plums + Ham = Recipe for Success :)
  115. Shadoweyes has joined the Media Team!
  116. This Plum has been JAMMING :)
  117. Another asset to the mod team
  118. Our First Publisher Emeritus
  119. Another Plum joins the ranks!!
  120. Our Mustard now comes in a Red Hot variety!
  121. The plums have a reason to dance!!
  122. A New Mentor on a Mission!
  123. Kilroy214 is Pretty in Pink!
  124. Here she comes to save the day
  125. Plumtastic news from the Media Team
  126. Somebody got a promotion!
  127. The Three Wise Men Turn Purple
  128. Prinze among MENtors
  129. Brand Spanking New Media Staff -- x 2
  130. A mentoring turtle - what next?
  131. Back from hibernation
  132. New Chief Mentor
  133. we have a new global
  134. New Plumer Testing the System
  135. Mentor pack reshuffled !!
  136. New Hostess and Media Team Member!
  137. New mentor unveiled ...
  138. Astroannie hits it out of the park!!!
  139. We have a new mod
  140. First new mentor of 2017
  141. A New Supervisor Arises
  142. New mentor: JustRob
  143. Terry back in red
  144. New mentor
  145. An addition to the moderator ranks
  146. BD is swapping robes!
  147. Newer Mentor
  148. Drum roll please!
  149. New Mods
  150. New Mentor: Ralph Rotten
  151. New Forum Supervisor
  152. New Moderator
  153. Bard_Daniel promoted to Mod
  154. Look who's orange.... (no, not that fake news guy)
  155. The newest moderator in orange robes is...
  156. Look who's strutting around in silken pink robes...
  157. More pink in the house...