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  1. Forshadowing Horror
  2. formulas for writing horror
  3. Different Ways to Say "Said"
  4. Developing a horror script.
  5. A Question for All
  6. How to write a non-fictional story???
  7. What's wrong with being over descriptive in your stories?
  8. Round-Robin (For females... Males if into romance)
  9. Character names?
  10. Too many characters?
  11. Do you have to show your characters race?
  12. So how many main characters are too many?
  13. my question :D
  14. Technological Advances
  15. stuck
  16. How many is to many?
  17. How do you describe laughing in a novel?
  18. procrastination writing death of main characters
  19. Do you start to question your writing the further you get into it?
  20. Making Your Characters Sexuality Vague
  21. Ridiculous Advances Still Exist
  22. What kind of music inspires your writing?
  23. Pen Name Dilemma
  24. ...But just HOW bad are your first drafts?
  25. What inspired your current work?
  26. "The Zone"
  27. What do YOU do, specifically, to aid in the creation of ideas?
  28. Real life writing groups
  29. First person or not?
  30. Cutting down on length?
  31. WW2 fantasy novels help needed please?
  32. Help with romantic fantasy war story needed please.
  33. Has anyone come across this expression?
  34. What things do you wish you saw more of in Fantasy novels?
  35. Your Favourite Universe/Setting
  36. A writer's dilemma.
  37. The role of imagination in forming new ideas
  38. Worries about writing a cliche.
  39. Is writing like talking?
  40. The first line.
  41. Dialogue Tags
  42. Tell me WHY
  43. Outlining a complex scene?
  44. Is There a Taboo on “May-December” Romance Stories?
  45. Prologues.
  46. Writing Fantasy
  47. Question about novel covers
  48. Revision woes
  49. Which of two treatments (described later) would you give to the following?
  50. Writing: Hobby or Profession
  51. advice from seasoned story writers please.
  52. Changes Because of Negative Writing
  53. Brainstorming Name of an Ultimate Weapon
  54. Writing problem
  55. How Do YOU Outline?
  56. another dialogue question.
  57. Not really in progress. More like in development .....
  58. "Computers" and other technological "feats"
  59. I can't write because...
  60. how do you start?
  61. Reading Manuscripts, or Brutality
  62. Finding Beta readers at your local university?
  63. Deciding on an Origin
  64. Thoughts on the Poetry Challenge
  65. Character Idea .....
  66. Wanted: Beta –reader – 45,000 words.
  67. Quotes beginning a novel
  68. Is Research Enough?
  69. i loves The Six Million Dollar Man .....
  70. What’s the magic screw you turn that keeps you writing?
  71. Singular or Plural
  72. After Constructive Criticism
  73. When should you start your first novel?
  74. Would you like to read stories FOR ENJOYMENT on this site?
  75. Does a submission synopsis describe the story or the MS?
  76. Describe your stupid story in 2 paragraphs so I can reject it quickly
  77. Writing Styles
  78. Should there be a retirement age for writers?
  79. my silly vampire story idea...
  80. You CAN Write a Good Book Just For the Money
  81. Our characters' quotes
  82. Writing the Opposite Sex
  83. I've got the second and third book all mapped out in my head. Where's the first one?
  84. After the draft
  85. Genre
  86. Tense Question
  87. Reverse drama-Need Help
  88. To read or not to read...that is the question......
  89. Intro to a popular science article..
  90. The Muse/Inspiration vs Grunting It Out, word by frickin' word
  91. Braaaiiiiinssss!
  92. Reading Classical Literature
  93. Elsewhere on this site, a writer was asked for general advice about writing…
  94. How accurate does the research need to be?
  95. Is there any good weblinks that properly explain terminology terms like 'privileging'
  96. Mythical and Legendary animals or creatures.
  97. what is the newest version of MS Word available for Mac computers?
  98. The archetypal hero vs. the anti-hero
  99. Thinking About Writing
  100. Can you tell me the difference?
  101. I think I've lost it.
  102. Novel covering extended period: how should it be set out for maximum reader interest?
  103. Beyond the Dystopia
  104. Translations
  105. Thriller concept .....
  106. Ensemble scenes
  107. Fantasy novel help
  108. One for the experts
  109. Past tense vs. Present tense
  110. What fantasy to read to help my writing?
  111. Finding a Voice
  112. Which sentence works best?
  113. Characters: Outlining, Creating, Piecing and Writing Them
  114. Using Titles
  115. 3rd person limited point of view
  116. Vampires are beaten to death now, aren't they?
  117. Writing about demi-gods?
  118. Writing 'self help' books, whats your view ?
  119. Reaction to 'Finding a voice' thread.
  120. Software For Writers
  121. Do you have trouble using commas correctly? Here’s a tip or a trick.
  122. The Very First Story You've Ever Written
  123. Newbie question
  124. Book Title Help
  125. Children's Writer Seeking Advice
  126. Stressed and Unstressed Syllables in Poetry
  127. My New Story Idea (In Part)
  128. Naming Characters.
  129. Looking for some opinions on book concept
  130. Organizing a book
  131. Having trouble determining my genre.
  132. How do you stay motivated?
  133. The prospects of writing fiction without using 'what if?'
  134. The value of online critique
  135. How Good Are You?
  136. This is a story. I wrote it. It's about some people. And things that happen. - ???
  137. Perfect mix of short stories and main book. How?!??!
  138. When is too much enough?
  139. Adding quotes in between chapters.???
  140. How to phrase this
  141. a big fight
  142. Style for science writing?
  143. Need some critique and suggestions
  144. Fade To Black?
  145. Help with critiquing
  146. I've Been Thinking...
  147. Names, names, names help please.
  148. Years ago I wrote a really bad novel!!!
  149. HighSchool YA Novel
  150. Characters are taking me for a ride.
  151. Need help..how write death scene
  152. How done it
  153. Your favorite part of stories as a child?
  154. 3 Day Novel
  155. Advice please. :)
  156. Don't want to kill my character
  157. Creating an emotional scene
  158. Are you against or for first person POV?
  159. Researching. Unreliable Source. Ditto.
  160. Which idea seems more interesting to you.
  161. Starting with dialogue?
  162. Dealing with a long document
  163. I Have Been A Miamian For 41 Years...
  164. When You Hate Your Hero
  165. Too. Many. Ideas.
  166. flashing back and forth
  167. How Does Writing Make You Feel?
  168. A thinker’s question. How do you read?
  169. What can a writer gain from writing on a Forum? (925 words)
  170. Questions on Writing Freely and letting thoughts flow.
  171. Writing Fantasy
  172. Careers and Your Protaganist
  173. In what other ways, besides online, do you share your writing?
  174. I can't believe I did something so dumb. :(
  175. A few questions..
  176. Lack of depth to short story
  177. How do I switch back and forth in scenes with close proximity (manuscript format)?
  178. Character question: About love and betrayal
  179. Novel of short stories
  180. Are you a good 'oral storyteller?'
  181. Are readers smart?
  182. Torn Between Genres
  183. Question regarding protagonist's gender
  184. Too much backstory?
  185. Writing information.
  186. Bombshell at the End
  187. Readers caring about characters
  188. Characters' physical descriptions: necessary?
  189. Warning - Question About Sexual Attraction!!
  190. Story Development question
  191. How many drafts?
  192. Another character’s thoughts when writing in first person.
  193. What part do I read at an elem. school book reading
  194. Brainstorm #10
  195. Wordiness: How Much Is Too Much?
  196. Novel Idea
  197. Letting them read
  198. Pen vs Computer
  199. The Graphic Novel vs the Illustrated Novel
  200. Question about plot development.
  201. A question about exposition and narration.
  202. I had a flash piece published
  203. Narrative // Character point of views?
  204. Writing Questions
  205. Using Quotes in non-fiction
  206. my up'n'coming novel in one bloated paragraph
  207. Writing puzzles
  208. humans and fire?
  209. writing a scream/yell/etc
  210. How to start up a story.
  211. A question that I have.
  212. Typed vs. Handwritten
  213. Epic Writer's Block
  214. I will never critize bad writing ever again.
  215. reading to improve writing
  216. What if...
  217. POV of MacGuffin, or narrating MacGuffin
  218. Advice on my story idea/summary?
  219. Software Suggestions
  220. Dreams & Exposition
  221. Writers Block Article
  222. Wording with Genders?
  223. Copyright question.
  224. Help with Guild names
  225. Tell me about this bus.
  226. Too delicate of a subject?
  227. I am completely stuck
  228. Looking for people to R&R
  229. Descriptive Writing
  230. Hiring a Editor
  231. Leave it out or include it?
  232. The Elements
  233. Please help
  234. How do you construct a complicated story?
  235. Personality conflicts in characters
  236. Posting lengthy works for editing and/or critiquing
  237. Untightening
  238. I need the GUYS help, girls to if you can
  239. writing buddy or mentor
  240. I need to flesh out a female character, as an individual
  241. On the Margin--short story in progress
  242. composing a novel
  243. I "can't" write anymore and I need help
  244. Where can I report plagiarism?
  245. im lost!
  246. Need some quick advice
  247. Where do you start your story?
  248. Quick question!!
  249. Show and not tell in a letter
  250. A little assistance with grammar