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  85. what is easier to find and read wrt replies vs other comments
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  87. Recommendation and feedback: for a thread for first impressions. (description etc)
  88. What do I have to do to past one of my works?
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  90. Question regarding comments on a query.
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  92. Are contests for new work only?
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  95. Could we get more subcategories under Non-Fiction?
  96. Can WF add more subcategories to Non-Fiction
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  109. Hi I'm Zaslow, and I'm a (semi-) professional liar...I mean writer...Attn H. Brown
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  133. Edge mistaken as Chrome?
  134. Is there a brainstorming forum/thread?
  135. Posting in 'Fiction Workshop' or 'Speculative Fiction'? Does it matter?
  136. craft your dream (dare to: be, learn, do) | WF builds writers
  137. A thread/section to discuss entertainment such as TV and Movies?
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