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  1. Waking Up Gilligan is finally complete!
  2. My short story collection "Underneath" is now available for download!
  3. Dereliction of Duty: Set For Release 30th September, 2011.
  4. Posting on this Board
  5. THE EQUINOX - A Novel of Horror by MJ Preston
  6. The Star War Factor by Robert Staniford
  7. Halloween contest
  8. Beta Readers Wanted
  9. The Woodcarver's Son
  10. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas WF
  11. Book promotion.
  12. Free Kindle novels - worth it to the author?
  13. The Legacy of Aaron Geist
  14. One or two test readers wanted
  15. Great news . . . and a free book!
  16. Ebcubex - Anthology
  17. Some orders happening.
  18. Dereliction of Duty Paperback Now Available!
  19. Free Kindle short story anthology
  20. In the Devil's Name - Debut horror novel available for Kindle
  21. Contract killers and hot superfreaky flight attendants?
  22. Virtual Book Tour
  23. Free Kindle novel - historical/slavery
  24. Necessary Evil by John Bushore
  25. New blog
  26. my romantic comedy is being published
  27. Gunn by Dakin Dukane
  28. Zanshine, French Illustrator
  29. Historical Fiction (slavery) novels
  30. New novel, "Wendigo"
  31. most recent guest on TV Skywriter
  32. Chase hits the cyber-stands!
  33. New Horror Anthology - Under the Knife
  34. (Another) New Horror Anthology
  35. Kindle users get a free copy of my book
  36. Coming out soon!
  37. What comes around, goes around.
  38. Free for two days only! MJ PRESTON'S REVELATION LAMB
  39. WF FRONT MAN SAM makes back cover of THE EQUINOX
  40. The Abomination of Norma
  41. Book Give-away
  42. Another Sunrise
  43. A Read for the Train.
  44. News Story About "Another Sunrise"
  45. Get a free Kindle Copy of my Novel
  46. Cattle Market by Potty!
  47. The Art of Madame Whitsome
  48. Chase for less than a buck!
  49. Things could always be worse. (Plug for Spank the Carp).
  50. Promotional sale - ...and Remember that I Am a Man.
  51. Promo Trailer For One Last Cast
  52. New release: Reflections in a Black Mirror
  53. Heads up
  54. Somewhere with the Wind now for sale!
  55. Chase on sale!
  56. Gina's Dream/El Sueño de Gina - New dual language book release by Ria Stone
  57. Creep: A Collection of Poetry and Flash Fiction
  58. Somewhere with the Wind book giveaway- now free on Kindle!
  60. Thee Wee Man - LM flash fiction story published
  61. "Paper" free on Smashwords and Amazon
  62. Going on tour this month
  63. Free promo this weekend
  64. Durty Diana
  65. Mantle of Darkness
  66. The Wolves of Langabhat
  67. My Cruel Invention: A Contemporary Poetry Anthology is now available for Pre-Order!
  68. Amazon opens book store
  69. Love Hurts. A Speculative Fiction Anthology -> Available 12/1/15!
  70. Calan's Eden
  71. Dark Passages
  72. Writing Forums' Anthology: PASSAGES
  73. Promoting Reflections in a Black Mirror
  74. One Last Cast- WF Members Needed
  75. Tam O'Shatner
  76. New Poetry Collection Published
  77. The Mercy of the Tide - Keith Rosson - ARCs available to WF Members
  78. Shots in the Dark - My first short story collection!
  79. Eclectica: Genre Poetry - Available electronically
  80. Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology - ARCs available to WF members
  81. Infield Singles: Baseball Poems
  82. Reflections in a Black Mirror free
  83. before Crazytown and misc
  84. Test Patterns (Volume 1)
  85. Simple Phrase Grammar
  86. Subcutis
  87. Intrinsic Brightness
  88. Silk Thread
  89. Cuttin' Heads
  90. Amygdala
  91. Recipes, Novels and Short Stories, Oh My!
  92. Louise Beech's Maria in the Moon
  93. Up Cape Fear
  94. Omphalos
  95. Free award winning urban fantasy
  96. Calizona is free until midnight Friday!
  97. Transpire Together (romance)
  98. Kyle Richardson's debut novel available for early reviewers!
  99. Life Blinks
  100. 21st Century Pulps