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Welcome to the 'new look' WF. Here are a few links to help you navigate the forum.


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Guest Interview with author J.S. Breukelaar

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We are pleased to welcome J.S. Breukelaar, whose new novel, THE BRIDGE, releases from Meerkat Press on June 22, 2021. J.S. Breukelaar is the author of Collision: Stories, a 2019 Shirley Jackson Award finalist, and winner of the 2019 Aurealis and Ditmar Awards. Previous novels include Aletheia and American Monster. Her short fiction has appeared in the Dark Magazine, Tiny Nightmares, Black Static, Gamut, Unnerving, Lightspeed, Lamplight, Juked, in Year’s Best Horror and Fantasy 2019 and elsewhere. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where she teaches writing and literature, and is at work on a new collection of short stories and a novella. You can find her at thelivingsuitcase.com and on Twitter and elsewhere @jsbreukelaar.

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

When I was in fifth grade and a kid donkey-kicked me in...

Submit to Flashes

Submit to Flashes

Anonymous May Challenge: “Abandoned Places/Things”

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As previously discussed, the challenge rules have been revamped.

Henceforth, we will be alternating between “regular” challenges during which members will post their own entries, and anonymous challenges during which entries will be sent to me and I will post them.

The “Like” function may now be utilized at any time.

Discussion regarding any entry, or any challenge related issues, may take place at any time in either Bistro. Kindly be mindful that secure entries are only discussed in the Secure Bistro to preserve the first rights of entrants.

Once the entry phase has been officially closed, and the voting process has begun, critique for public entries may be posted in the voting thread itself, while critique for secure entries must be posted in a dedicated thread in the challenge workshop to preserve the first rights of entrants.

This is an anonymous month, therefore...

Literary Maneuvers May 2021: Writer's Choice

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Literary Maneuvers Competition
for May 2021


It was posted earlier this month
that the May LM Prompt
would be a surprise!
A fun surprise!
(I promised xXx it would be fun)

The surprise prompt is …………….

there is NO prompt.

The stories you submit for the
May 2021 Literary
Maneuvers Comp
can be about anything you want,
but must adhere to 650 words,
not including the title.

Do your best work.
Your stories will be scored the same as always,
without the caveat that it must relate
In some way to a prompt (because there is none).

Word limit: 650
Begins Wednesday, April 28[SUP]th[/SUP]
(due to site transition)
Closes Saturday, May 15th
2359hrs GMT
Critiques from judges due to

Guest Interview with Dominique Hecq, author, poet, scholar!

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Copy of speculate-bt (3).jpg
We are pleased to welcome poet, writer, scholar Dominique Hecq, co-author with Eugen Bacon of Speculate: A Collection of Microlit. Dominique grew up in the French-speaking part of Belgium and now lives in Melbourne. Her works include a novel, three collections of stories and ten books of poetry. Hecq’s poems and stories have been widely published in anthologies and journals. Often experimental, her work explores love, loss, exile and the possibilities of language. Speculate (2021), Kaosmos (2020) and Tracks (2020) are her latest books. Among other awards such as the Melbourne Fringe Festival Award, the Woorilla Prize for fiction, the Martha Richardson Medal for Poetry, and the New England Poetry Prize, Hecq is a recipient of the 2018 International Best Poets Prize.

You are quite an accomplished award-winning poet, writer...

WF Author Interview - with TL Murphy

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I interviewed senior poetry mentor TL Murphy on the occasion of the publication of his book Up Cape Fear.

You are invited to read the interview on Flashes

Below a small part of the interview, to bring you in the right mood.

Cape Fear.JPG

Where to buy Up Cape Fear

Website: https://tlmurphypoetry.wordpress.com/

What was the inspiration behind 'Up Cape Fear'?

The Cape Fear is a river that flows from central North Carolina, south to the port of Wilmington, North Carolina. The river is named after the treacherous barrier island of the Outer Banks just off the coast...


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