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Announcement  WF Bookstore - Members' Published Books

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Today the Writingforums.com owners and staff are pleased to announce the creation of a new forum, titled Members’ Published Books. This is a WF Bookstore where books written by our members can be found and purchased.

Published authors (of every type), please visit the Forum, check out the rules in the FAQ, and start showing your stuff. :) We encourage members to browse the offerings to help support our authors and the site. You can easily look for books of your favorite genre.

A portion of the proceeds will help support WritingForums.com, at no extra cost to purchasers OR authors.

Now, when looking for our next great read, we can support each other and this site!

Copyright Primer

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As a writer, how would you feel if someone stole your work and used it for self-promotion or to make money for themselves?

If you're like me, you'd be furious.

In my four decades working as a professional illustrator, photographer, and designer, that's the sort of stuff that happens to me and my colleagues all the time. Every time we post to the internet a custom image created by us, we risk having that image stolen and used by someone without our permission.

It's aggravating.

Most of the time the person doing the stealing does so out of ignorance, not knowing the implications of what they've done.

While I'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice, I AM a creator of visual content with an interest and a stake in promoting proper use of mine and others' intellectual property. This short article is an attempt to put my meager knowledge to good use in order to help fellow writers navigate these sometimes confusing waters.

Keeping It Simple

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Guest Interview with poet, SANJEEV SETHI

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This month WF interviews a regular contributor to Flashes. Sanjeev Sethi has authored four books of poetry and Bleb from Hybriddreich in Scotland is his latest release. He is published in over thirty countries and his poems have found a home in more than 350 journals, anthologies, and online literary venues.

Thank you for joining us, Sanjeev.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your writing interests?

I am an Indian writer based in Mumbai. I have been writing and publishing poetry for almost forty years. Bleb is my fourth collection.

Who or what inspired you to write your first poem?

I was a lonely child and extremely sensitive. I recall the joy of reading poetry … whenever in my little mind I could make sense of poetic lines, it would delight me no end. I had this daybook where I used to indite. I have memories of my school magazine publishing my poems. As with many poets, I fell in love, or what I thought was love, when I was thirteen or so. The bliss...

The Road to Publication by J. Ashley-Smith

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We invited author J. Ashley-Smith to share a little about his road to publication.​

J. Ashley Smith is a British–Australian writer of dark fiction and other materials. His short stories have twice won national competitions and been shortlisted seven times for Aurealis Awards, winning both Best Horror (Old Growth, 2017) and Best Fantasy (The Further Shore, 2018). His novella, The Attic Tragedy, was released by Meerkat Press in 2020 and has since been shortlisted for an Aurealis Award, an Australian Shadows Award, and a Shirley Jackson Award. J. lives with his wife and two sons in the suburbs of North Canberra, gathering moth dust, tormented by the desolation of telegraph wires.

You can connect with J. at spooktapes.net, or on Facebook...

Call for Submissions: Poetry

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Flashes is seeking previously unpublished poetry in the English language only. We do not accept translations. Work, self-published to personal blogs and noticeboards, will not be excluded. Submissions should be properly edited and submitted in manuscript format. Accepted file types are .doc or .docx. Other formats are not accepted.

For more information and submission guidelines please go to the Flashes Submission page

J.E. Daniels (BDCharles)

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Our author interview for July is with newly minted author, J.E. Daniels (BDCharles). His first novel 'The Story of Echo' is due for publication on the 31st of August 2021 and is now available for pre-order.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your writing background.

Hello. Argh, this is nerve-wracking. My personal bio is in the book, at the back, where you have to buy it to see it, hehe But suffice to say, I live in Yorkshire, in the UK - God's Own Country, if the inhabitants are to be believed. Writing background? Before SOE, I really don't think I had one, other than little phrases and ideas knocking about and taking up brainspace. Some of those go way back. So maybe I've always been "going to write" but only in the last seven years actually did it, thought: to hell with that, I've got a book inside me, people. Since then, it's been the occasional short story, comp entries and so forth as you will know, plus three additional pieces which are starting to...