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Thread: Poet Interview with Liane Strauss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ptolemy View Post
    I don't think it's an unpopular opinion, I just personally know that I will never publish any of my poetry, because that isn't what I focus on as a writer overall. I'm a prose guy by trade so I stick with that. But, it would be a waste for me to write poetry for an audience that will never see it. I'd rather put that collective effort into a piece of a novel or short story.

    But Liane is right, for any true poet who wishes to share with many, try to push it towards an overearthing audience.
    That is fine... as I said, I am fine with people writing for themselves but then they must know that it is just for themselves and not foist there personal writing upon innocent readers!

    Quote Originally Posted by sas View Post
    That is exactly why, as I said, it is the Achilles heel of poets. In my opinion, of course. They write for themselves. I don't believe it's possible for many to do otherwise. Poetry seems cathartic for those who write it. Most are not trying to do anything except purge themselves.
    All writing is cathartic... but part of being a great writer not just a good or average one is being about to take a that step back and write not for yourself but for someone else to read.

    On a broader note the truth is that where I start having an issue with personal poetry is when it is shared out into the world. I won't by a book of poetry filled with peoples personal thoughts and emotions. Nor can I critique peoples personal emotions... How can I without hurting them? Especially if they are writing out their issues and hurts? How can I knowingly reject THEM? Because there isn't that line between their work and them, their feelings.

    In the end putting out personal writing just doesn't benefit anyone in the long run.
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    All writing has a personal element. Hmmm.

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    What a wonderful interview! Thank you Liane! You've given me lots to think about, here. And a special thank you to The Fantastical for such probing and interesting questions.

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