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Thread: Firemajic's Daily Dose of Poetic Inspiration

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    Ah, you're not a mess to us, dear Fire. Much love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebald View Post
    Ah, you're not a mess to us, dear Fire. Much love.

    Awww. thank you soooo much... that is the best feel good medicine you could give me... much love to you, my friend....
    If you are a writer, reach a reader
    If you are a fighter, teach a leader
    If you are a lover, touch a leper
    If this has helped you, thank you, reader

    If you can read this, teach a thinker

    Author: Lynn Loschky

    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    love leaves a memory no one can steal....
    Author unknown.

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    Thank you again, bobo. If you had not mentioned the hidden face on the wall I would have missed it. Loved it! Sas

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    While Fire regains herself, a poem:


    So now there is more
    of me.

    More of you to love,
    my mother insists.

    But I am scared
    of multiplying,

    of morphing into
    someone else

    and losing myself
    in the masses.

    By, Mia Herman
    Bellevue Literary Review
    Fall, 2016

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    ‘The blank squares on a checkerboard
    alternate with the white.
    Even so, every darkness in life
    alternates with light,
    every sorrow with a joy,
    every failure with a success.
    Change and contrast
    are inevitable,
    and are what make
    the great game possible.
    View them dispassionately,
    and never allow them
    to define who you are, inside.’

    Omar Khayyam : The Rubaiyat.
    (Stanza forty Nine)
    Lighten up, there – things look different in Light than in Shadow

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    On the other hand, I define a person by passion. Do they have it, and what it is.


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