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Thread: Firemajic's Daily Dose of Poetic Inspiration

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    Sas-ling, tried to mix oil & acrylic ??
    -or acrylic and other things ??
    Painting on metal, like in cloisonné ??
    I believe there to be special colours/lacquers for that

    Yes Magic, hiking around is great for both body & soul, and the intellect needs to get airated too J
    It’s in the nature we find ourself, our center – and it’s here we heal up after over-staying in the so-called civilisations J
    I take photos – actually a lot, will try to find some in an idle moment, hm-hm J
    This thread is astonishing - we can bring painters, photos, more or less private conversations – and poems too

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    Lighten up, there – things look different in Light than in Shadow

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    Thank you, again, bobo.

    I was drawn even more to looking at her! Extraordinary beauty and style that was ageless. How rare. How jealous I am.

    And, Fire, if you're reading here today, I, like others, thought of you, at first light. Love. Sas

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    Enjoyed cloisonné video. I'm familiar with it. In my younger life I sold antiques and collectibles. But, no I'm looking to do large painting on metal and cannot fire the piece. I saw very interesting painted metal work in Toronto and got excited about trying it. I've been told that it will need to be done in a well ventilated area, hence my screen porch is perfect. Then, of course, I'll need to find the metal. Junk yard? Hmmmm. I love junking.

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    As it's still Wednesday, and no poetry, I thought I'd step-up and post a poem to keep our sweet Fire ablaze, until she's back.

    This is from an ragged-out book I found for 25 cents. (It was inscribed, denoting a personal friendship, to someone, from the author. I sadly wonder who could have possibly given it up)

    The poet is S.R. Grosslight who grew up near me in Detroit.
    Title: Listen (copyright: 2001).

    To Be Assigned... for my grandmother

    It's important to have known someone
    who took charge, whose teeth clenched
    and lips drew thin.
    It's important to know that you can do it too
    when the time comes, and the sky
    seems to pull away from the earth
    like a giant jigsaw puzzle coming apart.
    The children need to know someone has
    been assigned to count the pieces—
    see that none are lost.

    (I confess to wishing I had written it. It is me.)


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