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Thread: Hello from down on the farm

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    Hi Astroannie,

    I finally got back and clicked on the podcast. I very much enjoyed your poem, all the more so as I've recently had that Duuuude you were talking to in my life, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WordAddict View Post
    Hi H,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. The forum does seem pretty massive and it's nice to know you are here if I run amok.

    Hey WA,
    How is your writing comming along? It is not a problem if you ever need anything either send me a PM or if you want my attention on a post I have commented on feel free to 'like' said post and then I will get a notification so I know to check the thread. I hope that you are enjoying your time here with us.

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    Hi PiP,

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm having a great time on the website (it gets less intimidating each day) and that I've finally gotten the nerve to post one of my chicken stories.

    (Maybe your hubby will relent when he sees how much fun they are!)

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    Hi WordAddict, I am pleased you have persisted and you are enjoying being part of our community

    I am off to read your chicken story
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