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Thread: The Official Writing Forums Mental Health Support Thread (READ RULES FIRST!!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarperCole View Post
    That can be a problem with mental health forums - people come for support, but forget to support other people sometimes.

    agreed..... it's something I need to work on.... as well.
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    I never knew this thread existed.

    There's a lot of shit that I refuse to address that's probably still hanging over me from years ago, lol.

    My Shit's so fucked up now that if I don't continue to be myself I'd probably legitimately go insane.

    It really fucks me up when people try to adjust others (or themselves) to fit some predisposed notion of how they're supposed to think/act. I think it falls in with the new world concept of emasculation and forced dependency. Everyone has to have something wrong with them to be noticed, and everyone has to conform to a set mold to be left in peace.

    There are people I know aren't crazy, sick, or injured in any way, and they're giant fucking assholes.

    Regardless of whose fault it is that they're assholes, they're treated with all kinds of handouts and support systems that they don't need. These are people with fucking children that the government is too blind to take away from them.

    Meanwhile I just mind my fucking business and everything and it's god damn grandmother has a problem with me. I swear this shit's been going on since I was at LEAST 9 or 10. My social life has been utter shit because my lifestyle of minding my business and keeping to myself offends people.


    I got the law on my ass for retarded ass dumb shit, but not for ANY of the THOUSANDS of illegal acts I've committed. How ass backwards is that?

    Then these assholes I associate with get away with literal murder.

    Why am I associating with these assholes?

    Why the fuck can't I associate with these so called "normal people?"

    Whenever I do associate with people I judge the living FUCK out of them, but I'm a team player, so, fuck it, I can ride as long as I'm being treated with respect and shit.

    There are so many fucking hypocrites, assholes, and lunatics out there that it's ridiculous.

    I worked in sales for three years, and I've been all over the place. I was SUCCESSFUL because I talk to people frankly and openly and they respected my honesty.

    I've gotten so much free shit from people just for knocking on their door. Full course dinners, pounds of weed, shots, beers, packs of cigarettes, gallons of soft drinks, money, and once I even got a BJ.

    So CLEARLY I'm not a horrible person to be around.

    Everyone always wanted me to fail for some reason. Obviously, my vernacular and rhetoric served as a huge defence mechanism from a young age. Perhaps jealousy had something to do with it? Who even knows.

    Anyway this post is long as shit so I'm done.

    I don't get out of the blog section as much as I used to. =x
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    My brother says you can research organizations on the internet. He's a bit surprised you have the internet for a homeless person and haven't done the research. And he'd basically be doing the same thing if he were with a client in person, before presenting it he'd research it. Then he'd sit down and show them the resources. If getting a job is a problem and you have high living costs in the area where you live, you could always search for groups that are charity and non-profit. (maybe a church group could help from my experience, they offer different opportunities, I am not aware of housing if that would be a solution). The bottom line is to use the internet. We live in a more organized world, research the organizations because that research could save you out of this predicament.(the USA has a lot of opportunities and maybe so does the UK) (my little brother studied in the USA so this may all hold true). I asked him some questions.

    I don't know if visiting these places will boost your chances off getting a well-paying job, and housing at the same time that you'd like (your goal), but consider them a resource and library and personal contacts. (this last paragraph came from my thoughts and opinion on people who once they know your predicament can help you. If people thought you were involved in some criminal activity even they have organizations to help, not that I am saying you are guilty of anything.)

    There are many places, you need to research these places.
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    After my cat died last February, I keep having dreams that I either adopted a new cat or she somehow came back to life and snuggled up in my arms again.

    Getting really sick of these dreams. This was exactly the same when my granddad died of cancer in 2015 -- he either came back to life, or he's dead. One of those dreams literally had his BODY being thrown onto me as if he were a reanimated zombie trying to give me a hug.

    Brain, I've two six packs of the strongest beer I could find in the store. You really sure you want me to do this? >:[


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