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Thread: The Official Writing Forums Mental Health Support Thread (READ RULES FIRST!!!)

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    I believe the reason why the member you referenced was a tad ticked was because it was a very terse and blunt critique that bordered on pulling the rug out from under him. He simply mislabeled it as a different type of poetry when in fact it was something else (in which both types are very popular and well known forms), he clearly wasn't a guy who fully dedicated himself to poetry there was no real need to scold him on what is or what is correct. Just a simple "Hey, this isn't what you think it might be, it's actually this." You have all the right to say what you wanted to say, I just think he thought it was the wrong way about going about it. He was a new member, he maybe wasn't so familiar with the posting rules yet.
    Fair enough, but it was a bit more than a mislabelled form. There were other issues that have since been addressed. Form was the least of it, and had that been the only issue, I wouldn't have been quiet so sharp. The posting rules are within easy reach for all members and there for a reason. New or not, a couple were ignored. Between the mods and the member the issue was resolved.

    Downside of hyperfocus on a subject...Casual or unintentionally careless treatment of the favoured medium can result in a loss of patience with others. The mindset is a naturally occuring phenomenon, a self applied discipline akin to those of professional athletes. It is something you know inside and out. You are more than a dabbler, it is an escape. The patterns, the rhythms and rhymes...It doesn't matter to the majority of people nor should it, but it occasionally someone takes a bat to the patterns.

    Internally you are screaming, frustrated by what could have been circumnavigated by five minutes of reading and basic research. At the same time you are highly aware of the amount of effort that has gone into your own work. You sit there wondering, why not take five minutes in the first place? You should be nice and kind and polite, but you're at the point where you have to be honest because the subject matters. It deserves more than a shrug. A stupid way to look at things, undoubtedly, but that is precisely how my brain is wired.

    Similar case in point: First day of kindergarten a teacher took the book I was reading before class away. I asked her why she was taking it, her response. 'Because you don't know how to read a book that big.' It was Ozma of Oz. And having finished the prior books in the series over the summer my grandma had given me the book so I could continue with the story. I asked the teacher to open to a page and see if I could read it to prove my point. She opened to the chapter Purple, Green, and Gold...I got my book back. Just like Billina freed everyone from the Gnome King. Challenging authority wasn't the polite thing to do, but I knew I could read and comprehend my book.
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