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Thread: Author problems - A short video

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    Red face Author problems - A short video

    Hey hey hey!

    I thought it would be pretty funny to post this video ... maybe some of you can relate to this xD Keep in mind that I do this for friends and family mainly and that I am an amateur. ^_^ I just want to make people laugh. And if this happens with one viewer only, all the work that was involved in making this video was worth it.

    I also think the video gets better after some minutes. The beginning is maybe a little bit boring? I don't know.

    Here we go ...

    I wonder how many people Ive looked at all my life and never seen.
    - John Steinbeck

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    Actually, I thought the bits at the beginning worked best. I like the bit where the author feels full of inspiration, but nevertheless keeps putting off the moment of actually getting down to some writing - and then, when she finally confronts the screen of her laptop, she freezes at the sight of the blinking cursor, and jumps up to go and clean her toothbrush.

    Some decent editing and acting skills in here.
    - Edward Picot - Personal website - The Hyperliterature Exchange

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    Hey @Edward Picot! Wow, sorry, I just discovered your answer and I am grinning a lot, thanks!! It's so cool that you like the video and even think my acting skills are quite decent! That means a lot to me!!!
    I wonder how many people Ive looked at all my life and never seen.
    - John Steinbeck


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