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Thread: Who's doing NanoWriMo for 2016?

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    Anyone else in NaNo?

    How many words yesterday?
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    I will do weekly updates on Monday mornings because I will likely be behind during the week and weekends will be for catching up.

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    Ok - I got a shockingly bad 453 words done yesterday ! I was WAY too distracted. Am going to catch up today by writing in fifteen minute bursts here and there. Onwards and upwards gang - we can do this!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemidget View Post
    Ok - I got a shockingly bad 453 words done yesterday ! I was WAY too distracted. Am going to catch up today by writing in fifteen minute bursts here and there. Onwards and upwards gang - we can do this!!
    Indeed we can. I will take pen and paper to work for when I have breaks (I'm self-employed). It may be that my totals are a mix of typed and handwritten - to be copied up in December. If I had a laptop, I would take it to work with me.

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    I'm new to this forum, just jumping in as I start NaNo. This is my first year doing it and I want to get involved with the writing community. I've always enjoyed telling stories, and for me NaNo is a reason to make myself write since I don't usually make time to write in my day-to-day life. So for me, I'm doing NaNo because I want to be a published author someday, but I also just want to write my story whether anyone reads it or not.

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    Ah well! Six thousand down, forty-four thousand to go. I'm behind already. One fifth of the way through the month (as of last night) would give a total of thirty thousand. I am able to up my game though as it has been a pedestrian start.
    There's no quality to it. I'm doing autobiographical writing. It jumps around chronologically as one thought produces another - just a mishmash of memories so far up to the age of about seven.
    I've done some difficult things in my life, and this may well eclipse them all.
    It hurts!
    I won't be on here much until December because I'm writing it on an ancient computer that's now in my living room. It's not internet connected as I wish to avoid the distractions.
    My absence should not be misconstrued as not caring about the site or the people on it. I'm just having to be a bit selfish in order to de-cobweb my thoughts and feelings.

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    Yeah I'm off to a slow start too but Im already up on last years effort so im happy so far. just under 7000 words for week one. I'll be amazed if I get anywhere near 50,000 ha ha

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    I'm up to around 7,000 words total so far. Not great, but this is my first NaNo so I already consider myself a winner since I'm making myself write. I doubt if I'll hit 50,000 but I'm still aiming for that, gotta try to get caught up.

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    An update: As of midnight on 30th November, I had written 32,200 words. I didn't manage the 50k, but I'm still reasonably satisfied with that number. This is far more than I've ever written in a single month. The quality is total crap, but it was never my intention to produce a polished jewel on what I regard as a partial, pre-first draft.
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    Congrats to everyone who finished! I did Camp Nano last summer and didn't finish. lol.

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