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Thread: Please Seduce Her [3 WORD POEM]

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    Please Seduce Her [3 WORD POEM]

    After the talented Firemajic created The Art of Seduction, she prompted an idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firemajic View Post
    Hummmm... I would love to read a poem about seduction, from a MALE POV... How would he seduce....
    And out came the inspiration behind this word game:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Istine View Post
    It would probably be a three-word poem
    The rules? Oh, they're very simple. Other than Da Rules, here's the main rule:

    Quote Originally Posted by Firemajic View Post
    pick those 3 words verrrrry carefully....

    And for gender equality, ladies .. you may participate!
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    Well, from my usual POV it wouldn't be seducing a her, it'd be a him, writing from a late teens POV. So here goes.

    Nice kicks, dude...

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    Question: How are hyphenated words counted? As one or two?

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    Wisdom is seldom boisterous.

    -- a guy I know --

    If you're into hillbilly themed pornography (and, really, who ISN'T these days?), check out and @ThomasIBenton. There's no pornography, but everything IS written by a hillbilly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astroannie View Post
    Question: How are hyphenated words counted? As one or two?
    [A word is a word. A hyphenated word is one word with a hyphen to separate a compounding pair of words. Therefore, it should be fair to use and count each hyphenated word as a word.]

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    Something I wrote for fun as a bloke joke ends up becoming a thread?
    Firemajic's comments have also prompted me to try a seduction poem with alliteration in the Purple PIP challenge (only partially written as yet) - though more than three words.

    Anyway, I will give this a try with:


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    Scented silken skin...
    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    love leaves a memory no one can steal....
    Author unknown.

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    Need advice? Or just some cheering up? PM.
    Or bug me on Skype. Any time I'm online.

    'I prefer to exist as a duality. Living alone is boring.'
    Crowley Karterson Jarvis

    ╙The Golden Crowl

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    If you talk to a cat they look at you as if you are way below their intelligence to even listen.
    However, when you talk to a dog they look at you with such admiration and really do seem to understand what you are saying.
    Even if it is a bit silly...
    ...they still think you are wonderful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowley K. Jarvis View Post
    leaves no skidmarks

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