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Thread: watercolours

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    My next work is a pic I took of my fav spot at the arts hub we're I can eat an drink with a great view of what's going on...gonna ad a few pigeons....

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    Escorial, I notice in the pics of the scenes that inspire you to paint, there are always these POPS of color.... I wonder if that is what draws you to the pics... stark color, then the drama of that small pop of color... fabulous...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firemajic View Post
    Love the surreal vibe... moody....
    Yeah...moody blue...nope..moody grey..thanks juls
    Colour is there but I like to bury it and let it come through as a base can't see it to well on the pics but it's juls..the photos are to colourful for me but it does attract me to the image...
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    Interesting. I've never even thought of the blowdryer. I am ADD and my impatience has never matched well with "waiting" for things to dry. So I end up with a mess. Thanks for the tip

    Quote Originally Posted by sigmadog View Post
    In general, the process of watercolors and oils is in opposition: In watercolors, normally one paints from light to dark - in oils one usually paints from dark to light.

    I'm more inclined towards the oil methodology (dark to light), and making the mental switch in watercolor is difficult.

    That said, watercolors are much easier to work with in terms of setup and cleanup, and there are no fumes to deal with. Keeping a blow-dryer handy when working in watercolors is helpful also to speed the drying time.


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