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Thread: Guide to Member Ranks

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    And the little light green dots beneath the membership category, what do they mean ??
    - and WHY & WHEN do they multiply ??

    Best from Bobo
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    Hey Bobo,

    There are different ways to configure the system with regard to reputation points. I know that when a user clicks the STAR under someone else's post, that definitely impacts reputation. And I don't know if Cran has this setup but there is also the option to have number of posts impact reputation. There may be other ways as well, but the first one I mentioned is a definite!

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    please do not humiliate me. thanks for the information. I can appreciate the dilemma of new members.

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    Firstly, thanks for all that Tiamat, very helpful.

    Secondly, where's your other four heads?

    And lastly, although I'm not sure why, I feel you should have had "Don't panic" in that explanation somewhere. Unless you did and I skipped it. Possibly when I read about psychotic kittens!
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    An important thing to note is that by joining, you help keep one of the best writing sites on the web in business. For a trace more than $2 per month you can say thank you for all the hard work and help this site gives. For entertainment value, alone, it's worth it.
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    My angel BlondeAverageReader is a "VIP Guest", a normal member with certain additional privileges. I don't think there's a full list of all the categories anywhere because some are only used to cover special circumstances. The colour scheme for names just indicates the dominant general category into which someone falls. For example, a staff member who is also a FOWF won't be evident as such and equally if they are also a veteran there is a conflict in their representation. It's just a general guide to members' statuses.
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    How can I comment on others' work?

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    Hi Harry B, and welcome.
    Quote Originally Posted by HarriB View Post
    How can I comment on others' work?
    The poetry creative forum is <here< and prose fiction <here<

    Please let me know if you have any problems.
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