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Other Hobbies?

  1. Cadence
    So what else do we do, besides writing the greatest stories in the world?

    I play the flute and DJ (amateurly)(Radio T&I | Mixcloud Just got started on Mixcloud!)
  2. Justinian
    I make music with a computer, spend life in total isolation, and contemplate what it would be like to die. That's what most writers do, right?
  3. Raptor980
    I make music on the computer (Raptor980 Music's sounds on SoundCloud - Hear the world), play about anything you can think of (saxophone, upright bass, ukulele, piano, etc.), and I sing. Creative writing is my only non-musical hobby.
  4. Cadence
    I want to get into music production - thought about buying FL Studio (tried it out, loved it to bits) when I actally get a laptop. Until then I'm just playing around with other people's stuff on Virtual DJ.

    I'm now following someone called 'Raptor980' on Soundcloud (I'm Treble and Infinitiy).
  5. AgentZero
    I'm a huge resident evil fan, and I make Let's Plays. I'm a noob at it, but you can check me out if you like.

    Agent Zero - YouTube
  6. Raptor980
    Thanks for the follow on Soundcloud, Cadance. FL's a pretty good program. I personally use LMMS because it's considered the best free music production program. I'll probably get it when I get enough money.
  7. Cadence
    Just made a birthday mix for my friend Ciaran... this Djing this is fun.

    B-day mix

    Took 8 hours to put together.
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