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What do you read?

  1. Cadence
    I try to spread myself as widely as possible (to stop myself from getting bored by YA fiction), but I often come back to the same kinds of books. YA fantasy is one, as well as horror.

    So what do you read?
  2. Raptor980
    YA Fantasy & YA Science Fiction. I do read the occasional horror but not very often. That's pretty much it for me
  3. AgentZero

    Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, R.L. Stine.

    I also just recently found this story called "The Spider." I read 3 times in one day! It was great.
  4. Cadence
    Does anyone think why sci-fi and fantasy are so popular in the YA market?

    I've picked up some King, though I've never read Lovecraft. I must pick up his work soon. My first leap into horror was with Darren Shan, who got boring after a while.
  5. AgentZero
    I'm currently reading a lot of short horror stories. I'm reading "The nameless city." By H.P. Lovecraft right now. But I must say, I'm not so thrilled right now.
  6. Raptor980
    Thats a good question Cadence. Maybe it's because because youths are fascinated in other worlds and futuristic technology. I know I am!

    I've only read horror once (except short stories in school) when I found a really good zombie novel. It wasn't very scary though.
  7. Cadence
    Yeah, I don't find zombies scary. I prefer creepy atmosphere to monsters chomping on your flesh.
  8. Vertigo
    I've never thought much of King. My tastes run to fantasy and SF (mostly adult these days, rather than YA), with a smattering of lit fic. Neal Stephenson and David Foster Wallace are probably my two favorite writers, Glen Cook and Gene Wolfe running not far behind. And I recently fell in love with Joan Didion.

    If anyone is looking for a good zombie novel, try Mira Grant's Feed.
  9. Cadence
    Just tried reading some King. Briliant style, too adult for me. Yay for being sensitive!

    To, you know, sex.

    Also picked up some awful YA rubbish. It was just... eugh...
  10. PrinzeCharming
    I enjoy a wide range of interests from YA, like Alex Flinn and John Green, to current events. I have a large collection of Middle Eastern cultural books from the opium drug trades to child brides. If you wanted to raise eyebrows, the books alone on different foreign language instruction is intense. I never sold any of my collegiate textbooks. I made use for my favorite reads and bought an invisible shelf for the wall.
  11. danielstj
    I go all over the place with my reading: history, philosophy, art commentary, biography, short stories, epics etc.

    It's always good to expand your horizons!
  12. PrinzeCharming
    Yes, which is why it's also great to participate throughout the forums!
  13. Schrody
    Mostly popular science: everything related with theoretical physics and biology, especially evolution. Besides that, I like to read Science Fiction, Comedy, etc.
  14. H.Brown
    I have read mostly YA fiction such as Deborah Harkness, Lauren Kate and L. A.Weatherly as the most recently, I have also read lots of the classics such as Shakespeare, The Brontes, Mary Shelly, Stoker and many more; being introduced to them through my studies and then finding them enjoyable. However most recently I have been branching out into High Fantasy with Robin Hobb's Farseerer Trilogy, Raymond. E. Feist's magician to my favorate read at the moment is Robert Jordan's wheel of time. So I'd say I read alot of different type of books, if I enjoy it I'll read it
  15. Renaissance Man
    Renaissance Man
    Cadence -2013-01-14, 11:58 Does anyone think why sci-fi and fantasy are so popular in the YA market?

    I agree with Raptor980 that YAs are interested in participating in the adult world as experts and a common theme in fantasy books that I've read is that youthfulness is better than experience while sci-fi appeals best to young adults because young adults believe they can create the technology referenced in their lifetimes while the elder generations (sometimes with justification) are hopeful that the technology referenced will never come to be.

    Here's an interesting question that this inspired.
    Can a way to be found to have a story that is scientifically plausible while at the same time using powerful aspects of fantasy and have it still be popular among both audiences of sci-fi and fantasy lovers?
  16. H.Brown
    I believe so, however it depends upon what you see as plausibility, I feel that magic can be plausible as long as it makes sense take wheel of time in that magic is seen as weaves so the magic users weave differences into reality. Where as Patrick Rothfuss' magic system is focused upon correct names so to control something you must know the correct name.

    Both of these fantasy magics I would say could be seen as believable and plausible because they make sense.

    Branching off that though if you do not believe in magic can it ever be seen as plausible?
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