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Zombies Need A Rework

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Zombies aren't scary... I'm sorry. The only ones that really come close are the ones from the 28 Days Later series because they actually run at you and that is scary seeing as though their not likely to lose breath and are fueled only by rage and hunger.

Three ways to make them scary?

1) FAST zombies works pretty well.

2) The Contagion Factor

Normally, a zombie has to get under your skin or mix fluids with you for you to become infected. However, what if the zombie virus was so contagious that everything the zombie came into contact with was infected And what if the zombie virus could survive outside of a body for abnormally long periods of time. Why would this be so scary? Extreme paranoia. You'd never know where the zombies have been. You'd literally have to give ground simply from fear of infection. Whole cities might have to be torched because zombies are so thick you can't be sure what is and isn't safe. Dust is human skin. So what about zombie leavings? Plus, there'd be no freakin way you'd ever try getting close up to a zombie. The survival rate would be abysmal.

And fire? We'll, while it might kill that particular zombie, you've just sent a bunch of zombie particles into the air. You smell what I'm cooking? By making them super contagious, and almost unapproachable and unassailable except from a distance, you've thoroughly increased the threat. It's not the zombie that's the most dangerous thing- the zombie is only the carrier for the real monster- the virus. A super-contagious, super-sustained virus. But what's the next worse thing...

3. Evolving Viruses

Yeah. Imagine that this virus now has the ability to evolve to the threat that is humanity. Now, this is an open question since the possibilities for how one living organism meets a challenge can be many.I'm thinking something akin to resident evil without being so...flamboyant.

That's all. Zombies are lame. Human drama too sappy. Need rework so it can be a monster movie and not a soap opera.

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  1. Smith's Avatar
    28 Days Later had "infected". So it's a little different.

    But I strongly agree. I hate The Walking Dead, and people think I'm crazy, but after season one it just wasn't entertaining anymore. It was predictable. And like every "horror" movie, the characters largely die of stupidity, and dare I say lazy(?) writing.

    I think slow-moving zombies can be scary, but it has to be done right. The video game "Dying Light" does a combination of these things well in my opinion, mixing shambling zombies (who, when close to a meal, are very fast but clumsy) with a virus that is also mutating and creating monsters like the Night Hunter, which are absolutely freaking terrifying--additionally, there is also the human drama element, but in my opinion it is well executed.

    However, World War Z... some of the best parts of the film (if you've seen it) include an airport scene in the pitch black of a rainy night. Can't see a thing, but the audience can hear it, and guys are dropping like flies. The beginning of the movie is also great in my book.

    But what were some of the worst parts? The CGI; an aerial shot with a bunch of fake infected creating an ant-hill so that they can climb over a huge wall. Seriously? How about the scene where Brad Pitt survives a PLANE CRASH? I mean, sure, the part where they're barricading the back of the plane because the front is full of infected was pretty sweet, but come on man...


    Now, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the following.

    I think that maybe the reason why these things no longer appeal to some of us, is because we've seen it before. In fact, it sounds like the both of us have seen *a lot* of movies, read a considerable number of stories, played plenty of games. So when you have Hollywood rehashing things, we smell the lack of imagination and effort from a mile away.

    But the casual populace doesn't. The easy-to-please-and-entertain group, who [perhaps] unfortunately make up majority of the crowd. And there are always new people being being born, new people just starting to get into movies who have never seen George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead", or haven't seen enough Michael Bay films to recognize the difference between quality and quantity.

    Now, I personally don't think I have too high of standards. I saw Arrival and thought it was a good movie, easily a B+. Just saw Manchester By The Sea and I'd give that movie an A, it was awesome.

    There are good movies out there. I'm just sick of the typical summer blockbuster, but some people just eat that shit up man. To each his own I guess.
    Updated January 10th, 2017 at 12:11 PM by Smith
  2. bdcharles's Avatar
    I think one gets to a point in one's life where the typically thrilling tropes (zombies, vamps, or whatnot) don't cut it any more and we need human drama, deep dives into character etc. as well as inventive plots.
  3. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Smith
    Now, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the following...
    Exactly. TWD sucks to me, but many people like it. Iím not exactly sure why. I canít think of a modern horror equivalent, but a lot of people from old and new generations liked Star Wars 7 and to me it was passable entertainment on its own and abysmal as a continuation of an epic.

    Iím pretty sure there are a lot of people who think like us, but in the end, if it makes dollars, it makes sense, soÖ