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Hail Vader

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This going to be quick, but...

I saw the Rogue One movie after the huge disappointment of VII, and I found it a pretty good movie. It was cheesy toward the end with some parts, but I thought it was handled well. Darth Vader had some moments in it and, to me, the initial showings of Darth Vader felt awkward and cringe-worthy, but the final scene with him was jaw-dropping.

1. For me, in a movie that pretty much void of actual Jedi, it showed just how devastating a force user can be to conventional forces. Darth Vader, however, is not just an average force user, but a master of it so it's not a perfect comparison, but still...devastating. Most people thought it showed just how scary Darth Vader can be, but to me it showed just how scary any force user could be. Imagine being the squad sent in to kill Luke freakin Skywalker...

2. It definitely gave you a real good feel for the character of Vader. Slow, heavy, but powerful, brutal, and inevitable. It actually reminded me of the opening scenes for Casino Royale and how effective they were at establishing the brutal and ruthless efficiency of the new Bond. Only problem is that it is a bit jarring. This is Darth Vader before adult Luke and all those sword fights showed not only less-than-stellar sword-fighting, but less than stellar force manipulation as well. Of course it's forgivable, as the presence of superior droids was forgivable because we understand the prequel is really a sequel in a sense,'s still a little jarring when your trying to establish a continuing narrative based on the movies.

3. It single-handedly assured I would do what I swore I would not do- spend money in a theater for a movie. I'm a heavy critic, but that scene alone should be gold-plated. I admire the execution and framing of it as it clearly shifted tones from the rest of the movie which was more war-based and went into a sort of horror-genre set up.

But, Jesus. Did you see the ease with which he did it, also? Casual. I wonder if his eyes were even open. Was he sleepwalking? Since he's a Jedi, clearly he doesn't really need his eyes so much, and that backhand strike on the soldier pinned to the roof was sick. That reminded me of Roland from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series- where he shot the gun out of the hand of a cop (i think it was a cop???) behind him without even looking.

I never thought I'd say it as an adult, but I enjoyed that Star Wars movie. It's another bead on the string of inspirations- moments in time you just sit back and soak in. What an epic scene...

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  1. Sleepwriter's Avatar
    good review. I can't wait to see it.
  2. Smith's Avatar
    I've grown tiresome of the Death Star; makes me feel cheated.

    But your review will probably have me going to the theaters tonight to give it a chance, just like the last Star Wars movie.
    Updated January 1st, 2017 at 06:11 PM by Smith
  3. kaminoshiyo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Smith
    I've grown tiresome of the Death Star; makes me feel cheated.

    But your review will probably have me going to the theaters tonight to give it a chance, just like the last Star Wars movie.
    I hated the last movie, and I gave this one a chance because I was stuck in the city with time on my hands.

    Let me know how you liked it.