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    MENTOR ADMINISTRATOR Poetry, Children's Stories, Non-Fiction, Photography and Blogging


    CHIEF MENTOR Fiction, especially, Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
    Born in 1978, work at a college. I've had a lifelong battle with OCD which has given me an interest in how the mind works. I'll show up from time to time in most places, but particularly the SF&F forum. I'm quite good at spotting grammar and spelling mistakes in other people's work, so feel free to ask me if you'd like me to check for those.

    in the flame

    SENIOR MENTOR Poetry, Prose, Fiction I'm Julia, I am active in the Poetry thread, I visit the prose and fiction thread when interested. Hope this helps. Peace always...Julia

    St. Louis, Missouri
    US Central

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    ADVANCED MENTOR Areas of interest are mostly science fiction and mystery writing, with a deep knowledge of world building and novel writing. Raised on golden age science fiction, Patrick Bishop is the king of camp, the master of melodrama, and the one man who can bring enjoyable, pulp sci-fi back to the masses!


    SENIOR MENTOR Prose and Poetry
    I enjoy literary fiction, fantasy and some historical fiction.
    I am a devoted Christian and own an art gallery with my father.

    Kitchener, Ontario.


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    ADVANCED MENTOR Poetry, Short Prose and Stories, Non-Fiction.

    Reading and writing interests deliberately eclectic with a slant toward poetry, short prose and stories, non-fiction. Enjoy critiquing, editing out excess words.

    I have developed more of an interest in novels via WF and though I am co-writing one with another forum member I am by no means ready to take one on myself at this point. I also have an active interest in photography and cooking and am open to pretty well anything that may happen along.
    Male, retired, Canadian.

    Post secondary education BSc. (mostly Chemistry.) No real foreign language knowledge aside from four years of French in high school and a little Latin which I was not really very interested in or very good at. I spent most of my working life in factories (one 23 years) and am somewhat inclined toward the scientific, mathematical and mechanical side.

    I like to cruise the forums with "Latest posts" and just latch onto anything that catches my eye. I probably spend most of my time on 'Poetry', 'Poetry Discussion', 'Writers Discussion' as well as word games and the social/procrastination threads. My guess, I actually have not been keeping track.

    I have very much enjoyed and value my experience at Writing Forums. It has both focused my energies as well as expanded my horizons. I enjoy doing critiques especially if they involve pruning and cutting things down to size. I had never really realized how opinionated I am on some issues and that i actually share them with many other people. I am in a perpetual struggle to keep up with the whole scene but over time i do manage to get things straightened out.



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    MENTOR Forums: Poetry/Short stories/Humour/short Non-Fiction/Children's Stories. I'm interested in science, psychology, philosophy and life and interacting with other writers - old and new.
    I have some experience in writing stories and humour for magazines and newspapers but I'm currently concentrating on writing poetry.

    Dallas TX USA GMT +6
    (USA Central)

    MENTOR My writing interest is Historical Fiction/Thriller
    I am currently working on a Novel about the first 3 years of Reagan's term. As I say the characters and adventuress are fiction but the history behind them is very real. It took me 2 years of research six months of planning to fit the historical time line and the literary time line together. I hope this book grows up to be a series.

    Due to the use of historical figures that are still alive I am shooting for traditional publishing.

    I am in my mid 50's and started my adult life in the military. I served during the cold war (USMC) and moved to the civilian sector in 1989. After the military I worked in transportation management to support my hobbies of rock climbing and study of history.
    MENTOR Thrillers and general fiction, grammar and punctuation, word usage, style, human behaviour, creativity, telling a good story. I am an American ex-pat who has spent the last thirty years in Britain, first in England and now in the Northeast of Scotland where I live with my Scottish wife (long story) and Dilbert, her Chocolate Labrador.

    Through the years I wrote a few short stories and started several novels that were never finished. These for good reason because they were dire both in concept and style.

    Since retirement I have enough time and freedom from distractions to write full time. I enjoy the process - well, most of the time. A few years back I completed The Bureau of Happiness, a contemporary conspiracy thriller. It is up on Kindle and has had limited success.

    Following this I created Os Doran, Close Protection Security Consultant who goes about the country, usually Britain, right wrongs, despatching evil bad guys, rescuing damsels in distress, etc. I have completed two Os Doran books and have started on the third. These are all contemporary political thrillers.

    My objectives for creating a series were two: first, to see if I could develop consistency from one book to the next and, second, to see if I could interest an agent and subsequent publisher under the assumption these folks would see more commercial potential in a series. Thus I'm currently actively looking for an agent.
    Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Satire, YA Literature, Poetry, Short Stories, Beta Reading, Current Events, Blogging Anthony is an experienced retail associate with a background in customer service, sales, and marketing. After earning his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Connecticut in 2012, Anthony pursued a dating and relationship WordPress blog with personal modern dating stories and useful tips to find love. As a substitute teacher and bilingual tutor, his passion for literature, cultures and languages in Middle Eastern and European studies has greatly benefited many of his students. Anthony is actively participating in the Members Only Workshops, Members Together Workshops, like The Beta Readers Collective and Verse threads. He is also hanging out in the Writing Forums' Groups section. Anthony offers constructive criticism with in depth critiques to assist aspiring novelists, like himself, with an extra set of keen eyes.
    Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
    Eastern (EST) (UTC−5)

    MENTOR Poetry, Short Stories, Fiction.
    I'm a twenty-five year-old who is planning to go to university for his B.A soon. I've written a few novels so far, but they have gone unpublished. I'm currently working on another one and am 75,000 words in. I also write short stories and poetry. I enjoy all genres and forms of poetry, short stories and fiction.
    Yorkshire, UK
    MENTOR Fantasy, steampunk/gaslamp fantasy, sci-fi, weird fiction/grotesques
    I started writing in earnest in around 2011, at which time I realised all the thoughts and ideas taking up space in my head suddenly had a natural home - prior to that writing was something "other people did"! I am just about finished with my first novel and starting on the second, and in between I write flash fiction, mostly for various competitions and although it is clearly "not my time yet", every now and again I submit one for publication. I enjoy smart, evocative use of language and that tends to feed into my critiques, fabolously well-imagined worlds, and characters that I have to meet. Left to my own devices, I would without doubt descend into dreadful grammar pedantry. Crikey, I feel like I'm writing an agent bio.

    My background is in technology. I have a Bachelors's in computer science and work in IT and Telecoms. The amount of overnight work that demands means the bulk of my writing gets done between the hours of 11PM and 4AM, which explains alot. Aside from that I do a fair bit of tinkering and geeking out on the side when I'm not staring at my MS or out on my bike. I am married with two wonderful daughters, both of whom will be better writers than me.