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    by Published on August 2nd, 2013 03:08 AM

    [originally posted by Olly Buckle in The Writers' Lounge]

    Piglet's Picks

    Some of these are good threads, some good posts, they are all things which strike us as useful, or at least worth a look at.

    Beware some contain off-site links over which we have no control, follow them on your own initiative.

    I have called it “Piglet’s picks” because Piglet from Portugal has done most of the grunt work (Blame amsawtell for the pun, it was to good to miss) seeking out these posts, thank you PiP. I have simply put them in order of the boards on which they appear.

    If you see anything you think worthy of adding to this list please post it below or notify me of it and I will edit it in.

    Keep an eye on the thread, people are passing stuff on all the time, a new post is usually a new link, go to the post and you will not have to read through the list to see what's new since you last looked.

    The dark art of posting;

    Writer’s lounge

    Stuff you may not know how to do
    Writer's lounge

    Strange Uncle George's Tips and Tactics For The Literary Manoeuvres Contest;

    Basics of Free Verse Poetry;

    Poetic discussion

    What the reader expects;
    Poetic discussion

    Rules for poetry?
    Poetic discussion

    On critiques and replies;
    Poetic discussion

    Teach me Metaphor;
    Poetic discussion

    Compound Adjectives;

    Writing Discussion

    Writing A Poem Based On A Picture;
    Writing discussion

    Advice to those writing long stories(especially if using multiple POV's);
    writing discussion

    Writing Advice from Thirty Published Authors;

    Writing discussion

    Clear and concise;
    Writing discussion

    You have to sell your heart
    Writing discussions

    World buildinglink to (off site) interview in first post

    Plagiarism, copyrighting and trademarks
    Writer’s resources

    How to make symbols with keyboard;
    Writer’s resources

    Writer’s resources

    Need a Critique?

    Book Publishers Accepting Submissions by Category

    This is an off-site link, please be aware we have no control over it or any changes of content etc. that may take place

    A guide to verse forms
    Another off site link, this one recommended by Bloggsworth, take note of the warning above.

    A guide to rhetoric
    by Published on July 30th, 2013 11:22 PM

    [originally posted by Sam in Site News & Announcements]

    Guide to Staff Ranks

    For new members of any site, it can be a daunting experience when you don't know the customs of the forum you've just joined. Most places encourage members to contact the staff if they have queries, but when you have six hundred staff members and fifteen different ranks to choose from, where the heck do you even start?
    by Published on July 24th, 2013 05:22 PM

    (originally posted by Sam and garza)

    Sam: It's a little complicated, but here goes:

    First, use the square brackets to start. [ Next, type the letters 'url=www.writingforums.com' ...
    by Published on July 24th, 2013 05:15 PM
    Article Preview

    (Originally posted by moderan)

    It's pretty simple-the forum software has the facility.

    Simply select the posts to answer, using the icon at the extreme lower right of ...
    by Published on July 24th, 2013 04:41 AM

    (First Posted by Bazz Cargo)

    The Dark Art Of Posting.


    Gleaned from the steady application of making mistakes,
    by Published on July 24th, 2013 04:30 AM

    (Edited from a post by eleutheromaniac)

    Copyright Basics

    An idea is not protected by copyright; copyright protects only the unique and original presentation of that idea once produced in a tangible or recordable form.

    "Anytime that you create a creative, copyrightable work and it is fixed on a tangible medium (ie, paper, videotape, etc...) it is copyrighted. You don't have to register the work to have copyright protection, although registration brings other benefits such as the immediate right to sue and potential statutory damages, notwithstanding actual damages. So in sum, once you create it, it is copyright protected." - FindLaw for Legal Professionals | Law & Legal Information

    See Also:
    Fair Usage or Theft (Mike C)

    Copyright term and Public Domain. Note: Just because something is considered public domain shouldn't give one the right to pillage it at will without giving some due credit to the original source. Call it 'Writer's Etiquette'.

    U.S. Copyright Office

    UK Copyright law

    Austrialian Copyright law

    Canadian Copyright

    PS - You can make the copyright symbol by holding down alt and then typing 0169 on the number pad.
    by Published on April 11th, 2013 12:19 AM

    Strange Uncle George's Tips and Tactics
    For The Literary Maneuvers Contest

    Hi, I'm George ...
    by Published on April 6th, 2013 01:54 PM

    This site looks pretty good, sounds like the person is a literary agent and offers links to information.
    I have only ...
    by Published on April 6th, 2013 01:45 PM

    Ex-RAAF engineering officer, and Australian fiction writer, Peter McLennan owns and manages The Australian Writers' Forum.
    • The forum is for fiction and non-fiction writers
    by Published on December 1st, 2012 02:21 PM

    Voting threads have closed for the poetry and fiction entries in the Anniversary Challenge.

    Anniversary Challenge ...
    by Published on November 23rd, 2012 01:42 PM

    Another Corporate Takeover

    A big thank you to everyone who participated and an even bigger thank you to our judges, Bazz Cargo, Lasm, and DuKane for taking the time out of their lives to review the entries. Thanks also goes out to Jon M for the suggested prompt.


    In third place, we have a tie between Jon M with his entry Future Perfect, and Anna Buttons with her entry Yet Another Corporate Takeover.
    In second, we have Terry D with his entry Hostile Takeover.
    And finally, in first, a big congratulations to Leyline with his entry Gifted and Talented.

    Congratulations to the winners, and a thank you to everyone else for a good read.

    Fin's scores:

    1. Arcopitcairn
      "Prince Dreamshine and Fufflemuff at an Island"
      Spelling/Grammar: 3/5
      Tone/Voice: 3/5
      Effect: 6/10
      Overall: 12

      The only grammatical mistakes I saw were with the dialogue. Instead of a period before the end quotation mark, there should a comma.

      Nothing all that deep. Although, I see your dialogue skills have been improving. I don't even know if this is possible, so don't take it too seriously, but I felt there were too many adjectives. Too much explanation, if you will.

      As for the actual story, didn't really seem like an end goal in sight. Just another day, strolling along with the adventures of Fufflemuff and Dreamshine. I can't criticize that, as it appears that's what you're going for. But I'm looking for more.

    2. KarKingJack
      "Another Corporate Takeover"
      Spelling/Grammar: 4/5
      Tone/Voice: 3/5
      Effect: 7/10
      Overall: 14

      Saw no grammatical errors. Point off because it was nothing out of the box or unordinary. That's not necessarily a bad thing, so it's not something you have to worry about changing.

      What I saw here is what I often see with short stories. It feels as if this is more of an outline than anything else. Fixed if you took the direction of the story somewhere else, or focused more on parts of the story that were skipped. The characters might as well have been nameless due to me not connecting with any of their feelings. I didn't know the characters enough. Seems like everything needed to get to know them was skipped. Initially I wasn't even sure where love came into all this.

      I understand that it's a limited word count, but that's up to you to figure out. Treat your story as if it exists outside of what you've written, then choose the part of the story that would give someone something to care about.

    3. Leyline
      "Gifted & Talented"
      Spelling/Grammar: 5/5
      Tone/Voice: 4/5
      Effect: 9/10
      Overall: 18

      Definitely an out of the box idea. Not only that, it felt like a story that was built around the prompt, rather than the prompt just thrown in. Even further, it felt like a full story. We got it all. The past, present, and idea of the future. The characters played their parts well, and you gave life to that little 'army' very nicely.

      I have no complaints. It was a fantastic story. Great job.

    4. Terry D
      "Hostile Takeover"
      Spelling/Grammar: 3/5
      Tone/Voice: 5/5
      Effect: 9/10
      Overall: 17

      Only grammatical error I saw was in the second sentence of this. Missing comma in there.

      You handled this well. Built the story around the prompt rather than throwing the prompt in there. Things got a bit weird towards the end, and I liked it. It opened the door for an expansion of the universe; something I didn't expect. All new problems imagined up, so many different directions the story can now take.

    5. Rubisco
      Burrito Day
      Spelling/Grammar: 3/5
      Tone/Voice: 3/5
      Effect: 7/10
      Overall: 13

      Well that escalated pretty fast. I did not expect the story to go in that direction. You shocked me. A very interesting motive they had, as well.

      Was a bit odd to see a grown man being described as giggling. That just added more to the silly tone this whole story had.

      Couple mistakes with the spacing throughout this. Future reference, no editing after 10 minutes. You can be disqualified for doing so. Fortunately for you, I read this before the edit, and the only noticeable change was your stating of the word count.

    6. Anonick
      "All your base belong to us"
    by Published on November 6th, 2012 08:30 PM

    I made this Squidoo lens to help self-published authors market their work for free by utilizing the many sites out there ...
    by Published on November 1st, 2012 04:38 AM

    Another Corporate Takeover

    Reminder of the prizes awarded to the winner.

    The winner will receive a forum award which will be pinned to their lapel by Baron himself. Also, the winner will be awarded with a one month free subscription to the forums (FoWF) which will give you access to additional forums and use of the chat ...
    by Published on October 27th, 2012 10:14 PM

    Our guest on the 8th November will be Marsha Friedman.

    For the past 23 years, Marsha has been at the helm
    by Published on October 27th, 2012 12:49 AM

    Another huge turnout! I would like to apologise for the delay in getting these scores out. I just came back from a weeks holiday and have been rushed off my feet with real life things since I landed! So I am very sorry if the scores seem a little rushed, they should be accurate however. Note to namesake; One of the judges missed your story as you forgot to place a link to it in the main competition thread. So your score will be marked out of the three judges. I would normally chase the score up, but due to the delay in getting these out I have had to work around it. For this I am very sorry! I think next time I go away I will hand over to someone else so that there is plenty of time to get everything spot on.

    Thanks to all the judges and all the entrants! You have all done sterling work. Now, for the bit you all actually care about!

    (Correct me if I've got these wrong)

    Acropitcairn: 12+16+14.5+17 = 14.88
    FleshEater: 13+12+13.5+18 = 14.13
    MacDub: 11+13+15.25+18 = 14.31
    helium: 13+12+10+19 = 13.5
    lasm: 18+18+18+17 = 17.75
    Wessik: 12+9+14+17 = 13
    alanmt: 20+16+17.5+19 = 18.13
    HkayG: 13+14+14+18 = 14.75
    morc44u: 11+17+17+17 = 15.5
    thecostumedanceparty: 14+17+14.5+18 = 15.88
    MisterTribute: 0+9+13+18 = 10
    KarKingJack: 11+5+9.5+16 = 10.38
    LaughinJim: 14+16+15+18 = 15.75
    Candence: 15+17+16+19 = 16.75
    Bazz Cargo: 15+18+18+18 = 17.25
    Jack Knife: 17+19+16.5+18 = 17.63
    Garza: 17+19+17.5+18 = 17.88
    Jon M: 17+20+15.5+13 = 16.38
    Dave Watson: 15+16+17+16 = 16
    InsanityStrickenWriter: 18+20+15+20 = 18.25
    Foxee: 14+19+18.5+17 = 17.13
    Namesake: 12+6+10 = 9.33

    And the winners are:

    First Place: InsanityStrickenWriter
    Second Place: alanmt
    Third Place: Garza

    And now for the comments!

    Fin's Scores.

    Prince Dreamshine and Fufflemuff Out at Sea

    Spelling/Grammar: 3/5
    Tone/Voice: 3/5
    Effect: 6/10
    Overall: 12

    Interesting to see that you stuck with these characters. Again - interesting names. As I said last time, it's really difficult for me to get into a story like this one. It just doesn't suit me in the slightest possible way. Even the names make me feel weird.

    I do like how you made this a sequel to the previous prompt, though. That's interesting, and I wonder if I'll be seeing these characters again in the future.


    "The Dead of the Sea"

    Spelling/Grammar: 4/5
    Tone/Voice: 3/5
    Effect: 6/10
    Overall: 13

    I didn't really feel this. I can see what you wanted me to feel, but it didn't quite hit me. Part of the time it felt as if you were speaking to me, rather than a story happening. You explained to me what happened, and never gave me exactly what I wanted. Which was to live through it. It felt as I walked in late during a movie and missed the best part. A flash of the characters actually going through the turmoil would have helped a lot. A little more on their actual struggle to escape would have been wonderful. Instead I just see the aftermath, with no real evidence that they even have real emotion about it.

    Grammatically it was sound. No errors at all that I could see. There wasn't any risk taking with it either though, which is the cause of that missing point. The tone would have been better if it wasn't for - what I felt - the overuse of adjectives. I feel you could tone down a little on them.


    Out at Sea

    Spelling/Grammar: 3/5
    Tone/Voice: 3/5
    Effect: 5/10
    Overall: 11

    After reading, I simply felt lost.

    I was wondering how you'd add in the prompt to a story opening in the desert. You caught my interest with the sea actually being a temple. I feel like you never delivered me what I wanted, though. I understand that the word count is a limited one, but that can't be an excuse for giving almost half a story. Especially when you still had two hundred words to work with. The whole beginning of the story seemed to set up the meeting of the grandfather and the temple. Yet in the end we barely got a glimpse of either. The short time skip could've come a little later in the story. Two hundred words later would have filled in so much and I feel could have improved this story tremendously.

    The lack of question marks in the dialogue at the beginning was kept you from scoring higher on the grammar. As for the tone, you would have scored higher if it didn't seem so formal. The dialogue simply didn't feel real.


    Out at Sea

    Spelling/Grammar: 3/5
    Tone/Voice: 3/5
    Effect: 7/10
    Overall: 13

    I felt you could have did a little more with this. I wasn't really exactly sure what happened at the end. But I did like the way you showed the protagonist's obvious discomfort.

    Did something happen with Turner? That part was unclear to me. At first it seemed like he was just not with the protagonist at that moment. But when you said once more, I felt like it was implied that he was missing or something.

    I wasn't really sure what a whopping was. Did you mean whooping? I don't know. The place they were flying to was Fiji, ...
    by Published on October 17th, 2012 01:19 PM

    It's voting time again - time to tick the boxes and leave comments on the three poems which caught your attention the most. ...
    by Published on October 1st, 2012 03:03 AM

    Out at Sea

    A reminder of the prizes awarded to the winner of the LM.

    The winner will receive a forum award which will be pinned to their lapel by Baron himself. Also the winner will be awarded with a one month free subscription to the forums (FoWF) which will give you access to additional forums and use of the chat room where a there is a steadily growing ...