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  1. Drawings Update!!

    Figured that since I'm here, I might as well update you on my art. Haven't done too much but the ones I've done I'm pretty proud of. (If there are any repeat posts let me know, I dunno what my last art post was ) Most recent is at the top:
    Sk8r Grl ^
    Sketchy lookin dude ^
    Practice sketch ^
    Winter Soldier drawing^
    (First ...
  2. Advice?

    Hey guys,

    So yeah... last blog post was a bit of a bummer. Things have gotten a bit better since then. Not great, but not terrible...more like tolerable.

    Anyways, lets cut to the chase. I'm thinking of leaving Texas Tech and quitting my Computer science degree. Yeah, I know, probs a dumbass move BUT I'm not 100% quitting school. I'm actually thinking of trying to get a pharmacy tech certification or study basic level computer forensics stuff at a much smaller and ...
  3. Isnt it so great when... seems to be going well and all of a suddent everythings violently taken away and now you wanna die?

    Cos I'm feeling that majorly right now.

    Its like everything has lined up perfectly to knock me all the way down to square 0. Life is the most pointless thing.

    I had a reason to wanna try. Thats gone now. Now i dont know what to do. Or if i can do anything. Its all really so pointless

  4. I'm Back Sorta (Blog post and DigiArt Update 1)

    I'll be showin' up more often at least. I was away for a number of reasons, a few beyond my control. It's been a rough past few months tbh. But, I think (fingers crossed), now things will be steady enough that I can post here more.

    I'll post my drawings through here once every so often, just as an update. I'm just not sure how much I belong here or anywhere. Kinda goin through a period of reassessment for me. Trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing and whether or not that's ...
  5. Work


    I'm posting to procrastinate doing any REAL studying before my finals lol. Also wanted to let ya know I'm working on a REAL LIVE comic!
    I've been really busy developing the story and storyboards with my co-writer. Got 15 pages of scene design and story planned so far. Unfortunately it ain't done so I can't really post much of it, but what I can post is a short gag comic we developed to go along with the main storyline.


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  6. It's getting real hard to stay here SWEARING

    It's hard to stay anywhere for long. I get tired of the sameness, especially if that sameness is like talking to a brick wall. I need to see something new every once in a while but it feels like everything's on loop. Right now everything feels bland, like the start of my life hasn't happened yet. Just gotta keep getting through the days. Time is moving slowly as if trying to keep me from attaining the future I want. I just want this year over and done with.

    I wanna break free ...
  7. Been Here a Year

    Not sure I contributed much....

    Dont get me wrong, it's been fun. Ive met new people, been introduced to new perspectives, and discovered that I'm better off drawing. Thing is, I was so dead set on the idea that I was good at writing, I didnt realise I could be good at something else.

    I know that I'm definitely not a writer. I've come to terms with that idea and now its on to the next thing. Of course that brings up the question "what the fuck ...
  8. Parent's visiting this weekend

    Crap... My parents are coming to visit on friday, gotta pretend Im a well adjusted adult with a good attitude and a clean vocabulary
  9. Need travel advice

    Hey, do any of you guys know good sushi places in, or around, london?

    Im gonna meet an old friend of mine there next summer as the first part of a vacation we've been planning.

    I typically define "good" as:

    • reasonably priced
    • has good food
    • lots of variation

    This is probably gonna be my friend's first time trying sushi, so, got any suggestions?

  10. Survived the first week


    This first week has been interesting. For the most part I didn't do a lot. Mainly sat in my room and drew stuff. That's mainly because I was counting on being able to hang out with a friend, turns out, they aren't the most dependable. Oh well. Live and learn.

    I met my roommate on move-in day. She seems nice enough. Bit country, I'd say, but very nice. I am a bit worried for her though. She has a boyfriend(/ fiance?) and their relationship seems kinda odd. For ...
  11. This is even more it

    The parents have just left and now im alone.
  12. This is it

    Moving into my dorm tomorrow. This is my last night at home. Lets see whats next.
  13. I'm Back!

    I just finished my Orientation and Freshman camp for Texas Tech. I was away for a week!

    I did orientation first. At orientation they show us around campus and tell us about the programs and important college stuff. It was pretty fun cos we got to meet students in our respective departments, like Engineering for me. We also signed up for classes. I HAVE NO 8AM CLASSES!!! But my maths class is at 7pm....

    Fish camp, or Red Raider Camp (as they call it at Tech(God forbid ...
  14. I'll be back

    just away for three or so days. gonna be at fish camp. will update when back.
  15. I can't sleep

    Like, I really can't.

    Every time I try I end up lying awake at 2AM feeling completely awake. Each time I try to drift off my brain starts to panic for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON.

    This summer has pretty much sucked.

    I had hoped to see friends and hang out but everyone is busy with their own friend groups. No one, not even the person I call my best friend, has bothered to text me since graduation. Only one of my friends actually bothered to ask how I'm doing, ...
  16. Hair colour reveal

  17. Hair Colour

    I wanna dye my hair but I dunno what colour is best. I photoshopped a few ideas, what do you guys think?

    Rot .jpg

    I graduated. Yay I'm free!!
  19. More College stuff!!

    So today my school held an awards ceremony for distinctive students. I was invited to receive an award. I graduated in the top 25% so I get a cum laude on my High School diploma.

    I've also decided that my main interest is in cybersecurity. So I'm going to take computer science and focus on cybersecurity while minoring in russian language studies.

    All of this will be at Texas Tech. I'm set to go to "fish camp" in august and around thenabouts i'll be able to ...
  20. The Adventures of Scarf Ninja | Ep. 1 "Scarf Ninja Goes Abroad Pt. 2"

  21. The Adventures of Scarf Ninja | Ep. 1 "Scarf Ninja Goes Abroad Pt. 1"

    The Official first episode of The Adventures of Scarf Ninja.
    Tags: tasn
  22. College Decisions

    So... Next year I'm gonna be a college student. Yay...I guess...

    Great thing is, I did all my applications last year and got all my acceptance letters in December and January-ish. Then it was all a matter of seeing which colleges offered the right language courses and university scholarships.

    We were all set to go to Texas A & M but they didn't offer any scholarships. I didn't display enough "leadership" according to them.

    But then I got ...
  23. Random Post Friday # 11


    So today's been a very long day. I woke up at five AM to get on a bus to Houston. We spent what felt like forever on the bus. We stopped first at NASA and toured the museums. It was pretty fun. I got a t-shirt and some freeze dried ice cream. Then we finally made it to the hotel where we ate dinner and are still in the process of throwing a LAN Party. A friend of mine gave me Faster Than Light (FTL), a PC space game that's pretty cool. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, ...
  24. Random Post Friday # 10

    This week my computer science class started working on a text based RPG. The framework of the game was coded by my Comp Sci teacher. The goal of the project is to learn about inheritance and interfacing.

    My group's job is to code a class for an NPC. The NPC is supposed to be a friendly random encounter type of character with a transactional interaction. My group, since we're such nerds, is coding a class similar to the bounty system in Destiny where you have to complete a certain ...
  25. Random Post Friday # 9

    This week I focused on scholarship applications. I managed to finish one, and another's coming together really quickly now. Now comes the point where I start to decide where exactly I want to go. Thing is, I'm not exactly sure. It's a matter of deciding which is cheaper I guess. That's what my mum wants. My dad keeps telling me to go where I want to go. Honestly I'm so stressed about it that I wouldn't even care if I went to Collin community.

    We had last Monday off so it was only ...
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