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Arthur G. Mustard

  1. Bridge 194

    The working title of my latest novel. I'm about three chapters in and it's flowing well. My "stab" at a supernatural horror.

    Got the characters and plot, just need to crack on master the words! I will post a few sneaky peaks soon.
  2. Favourite place to write?

    Where is your favourite place to write your masterpiece? Safe at home with a glass of wine and warm by the fire? In your office or bedroom, in a park, the bathroom? Somewhere new or strange or maybe in a haunted wood?
  3. Book cover or blurb?

    What's the most important to you, blurb or cover?

    I've opted for both with wins and losses on both sides.
    Sometimes book blurbs don't live up to expectations. If it comes down to just one, I'd have to go for book cover.