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  1. Waystone #1

    For me, whenever I read a good author, I have this double-feeling of being both floored by some of the impressive things I find, and disheartened because I don't believe I'll ever be able to match it.

    Recently, I had this very feeling and it kind of dug a little deeper than I thought because the author used something I wanted to do, but did it far betterthan I would have thought of doing it (and with considerably less babble). Made me close my laptop for a little while and I didn't ...
  2. Humble Pie

    I am four-fifths of the way through Patrick Rothfuss' second book in his Kingkiller Trilogy, "The Wise Mans Fear".

    As such, I've been forced to the realization that, in terms of writing, but more importantly in terms of story, I know nothing.

  3. Scrapyard # 23

    In some ways
    you were the sunset, rising
    a beauty outside of time
    a separate piece of nature

    your eyes easily
    bring ease to me
    your voice
    like a hymm through the bones of me
    your face sits on the throne of me
    you're kinda perfect

    long strider
    i watch you walk away
    gone for the night
    those eyes
    like twin fires keeping me up at night
    in the morn I pop up
    brush my teeth and lock up
    come ...
  4. I Saw...Fate of the Furious

    This is one of those movies you know is pulp from movie one and you go in looking to overlook various things...

    I liked the first few Furious movies because that's what they There was also a story that passed for entertainment and I think the last Furious movie I liked was Tokyo Drift (favorite character...Han [I'm a sucker for the tragic])

    The rest have been fading for me, but this one seemed to be the worst.

    1. There's a lot of Cuban hype in ...
  5. Moral Tyranny

    LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Prepare yourself...

    Perhaps there are times when you've decided that you are going to give up, you've ceased to care, or that you feel no one or nothing is worthy enough of your efforts...

    I suppose a fair amount of our writing comes from the molds of our lives and in this I only give my perspective of how a "hero" views this. Old is the knowledge that the way we react to trauma and pain determines the person we are. Even so, perhaps ...

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  6. The Striding Titan (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon/One Punch Man Spoilers) learn something new everyday and today I had my previous thoughts shattered- that you couldn't write a story with an overpowered figure in it.


    First off, there are plenty of works that handle it wrong and are infamous for their flip-flopping on how they handle supremely powerful characters. However, there are two works that convinced me that it can be done and how. They are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's Li Mu Bai, and One Punch Man's...One Punch Man. ...
  7. Fearing the Young

    "You're truly old when you begin to fear the young."

    Every once in a while I think I come across a glimmer of profound wisdom and this thought popped into my head. It was in relation to another though- that you age faster when you begin to think of yourself as old. We all age, but when you increasingly lean towards that, mentally, I think the body follows and it becomes a sort of thing that- while inevitable- it's timing could have been stalled.

    As for the quote, ...
  8. Music...

    I like instrumentals... Currently listening to Lofi Hip Hop 24/7 Streaming channel on Youtube.

    Not really writing, but thinking about things in general. For me, it usually leads to writing later on. Doesn't every writer pour their lives and feelings into their work analyzing experiences and emotions- breaking them down trying to understand and apply them to their characters?

    In a good mood. It's a small time of transition in my life- shifting from a significant point to ...
  9. Encouragement from Patrick Rothfuss

    I'm spending so much time simply writing my story and nothing else that I felt like I was just some talker who would forever be stuck in the "i'm writing/revising" phase, but then I stumbled across this video of one of my favorite authors- Patrick Rothfuss of the Kingkiller Trilogy- and it gave me heart.

    It took him seven years to complete his work. GRRM is still writing his story out and doesn't plan to be rushed at ...

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  10. The Simplest Advice

    It's hard giving advice because at the end of the day you're an apple and other people are boogers, and you don't want boogers all over your fine apple *ss and they probably don't want you all over them.

    I was thinking about whether or not I have kids and what I would tell them...teach to guide them. For those of you with kids, resist laughing at the uninitiated. I'm on the outside looking in...and wincing...

    I figured that there's no set guide and thinking ...
  11. The Infinite Tsukuyomi

    A small one...

    In "Naruto", there is a high-level jutsu (or spell, I suppose) called the Infinite Tsukuyomi. It's basically a worldwide illusion.

    We all have our personal illusions or delusions, but what about those that are massive- shared by many, many people across the world, or particular groups of people- like children, adults, religious people, or so-called "realistic" or logic-based peoples?

    Because we often see such things as obvious ...
  12. The Pretties

    In's usually the pretty ones that carry the day.

    And not-so-pretty ones, sometimes. Usually a "token" example.

    Kinda the same with pretty guys for the most part.

    Then you have the pretty eyes, the lightning and fire eyes, and such...

    But people usually prefer pretty things to look at. If I decided to make not-so-pretty characters who carry the day more often, am I writing reality or idealism?

    Is the ...
  13. Past Story Concept... Gun Knight if that sounds like a really stupid title it was because I was a kid when I made it up, but it's more or less to show how I loved subtle characters with powers that could be considered either ridiculous or overpowered, but not based on the magnitude of the power, but the persons resourcefulness, skill, and tactics. I wanted to emphasize strategy and mind most of all...

    My...Gun Knight...had one power. They had come across a twin pair of pistols that never ran out of bullets. ...
  14. Use Real Words...Pfft

    There's people who will tell you that you got to do things a certain way... Sometimes they are right, and sometimes...

    The problem is that bad is bad. For instance, if a good coach loses a game, people might question the coach. Is he losing it? Is he getting old? If something bad happens during a President's term, that president is assumed directly responsible for it. If a written work is bad, and it has some unconventional ways of doing things, those unconventional ways will b attacked ...
  15. Thoughts on God

    I've been trying to come up with some religions. Not really that hard when you think about it, but in coming up with these religions, I came upon some interesting things...

    1. They are always egocentric

    All religions focus on man. And not only on man, but the spiritual trials and tribulations of man- the problems not of the world, but of the soul- so to speak. This was interesting to me and sit with me on this one... Religion tends to always approach from the button, up. ...
  16. Power and Terror

    Because I've spent so long thinking on it, I've come to a conclusion that even when talking of the fantastical, light-hearted aspects of magic or powers, all power is synonymous with terror.

    Now, I know what you're thinking- that there are good and bad uses for everything, but just take a second to think on what power is. Power is the interruption of natural will. When you exert power in any form, you are exerting your will over something else- synonymous with rape. Pretty morbid, ...
  17. Writing #1


    They say your story grows. It's a common saying and it's very true. When you really have something to write, the problem is never the blank page, it's limiting how much you put on that page.

    - Learned to calm down a bit about my writing. Everything need not be so idealistic or it risks missing the fun for both reader and writer

    - I've learned that writing is multi-dimensional- that there is more to it than just experiencing the story. This goes a ...
  18. Scared, But Hopeeful

    I have about 650 pages of notes typed into a word document and less than twenty pages of actual story... Nevertheless, the major premise of the story is clear in my head, but I wanted to see how viable it actually was so I was thinking about looking for a professional editor to look at it. I'm not even sure if that's the type of person you send these things to...

    I read once that GRRMartin had submitted just the first 100 pages of his story- not having completed it- and a basic idea ...
  19. The Nation Without Borders

    I think this is a term that has been spoken before, but I didn't bother to look it up because while the words may have been spoken, I had a different meaning for them...

    My phrasing would have been longer, first of all. A nation without borders...a family beyond blood. What I am describing here is a unity that transcends the traditional requisites and is based purely on the intense, near-spiritual belief in certain principles, ideas, ways of being, etc.

    Consider the poetic ...
  20. The Book of Balance

    I originally thought I would have to think up every superpower or action capable of being done with the powers in my story in order to predict their usage and instill some sort of balance, but this was handled for me pretty well with a wiki article literally listing hundred of them...

    However, I was surprised by some when I sat and thought about it. One of my first surprises was realizing that 'flight' was not so busted.

    In comics, a person often has one power, but sometimes ...
  21. Time Control

    At first, I was thinking about adding this power to my story, but I felt that this power seriously had issues with it too fundamentally flawed to really incorporate it...

    Even at the smallest amounts, it still a busted power to have and even more busted to explain. While some people take a good stab at it, it usually falls down to a nice try, but no where near plausible.

    I would actually go so far as to say there can never be any such thing as time travel and that if you ...
  22. Rethinking Wonder

    How to make the simplest things...wondrous...

    I think I've noted it before, but I'm a fan of subtlety. I don't criticize high fantasy and grandiose sci-fi, but I love those things that have a way of playing with very little and making great things out of it.

    In a way, I'm reductionist. As such, my story features very little excess outside of reality- yet the little bits that do exceed reality I want to be subtlety...potent.

    Consider the way you can watch ...
  23. The Idiocy of Terrorism or Our Modern Concept of It

    I think people tend to think in terms of good and evil and because of that, a lot of simple narratives are successful in politics.

    For instance, they call WW2 the "Good War" and those who fought in it the "Greatest Generation". Why? Most people will point to the fact that we defeated the Nazi's and the Nazi's are often over-hyped as this dark menace in the world threatening to cast all of civilization into a limitless darkness. You might remember this plot from ...
  24. Some Woes in Writing...

    I think I'm going to need some real-world, real-time experience...

    I think that writing is the same thing as conversation with a person. You have to learn to be engaging and entertaining. To present yourself clearly. To know what to say, what not to say, and when to say it. It's best to be confident and relaxed. Let you...flow through...

    I'm saying this because I reread a little of the little that I wrote down and while I can write ideas for days the connecting tissue came ...
  25. Wind and Sea

    I remember a while back, when writing the same story I am now, that I had originally had the title "Wind and Sea" for the entire thing...

    The reason was that I wanted it to be a story more about exploration of a world than any character-driven plot. I was interested in that sense of limitless possibility, adventure, risk, and discovery.

    These things are still important, but since then I've moved more into the drama-side. This was because that to base the story ...
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