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  1. My second (and last) blog

    Hello, all

    Not to sound over-dramatic here but when I joined staff, I made a pledge that I would keep neutral in the forums as I needed to act independently whenever a thread got out of control, whether I agreed with the subject matter or not. I've had to caution or even sanction not only members whose posts I might find repulsive, I've also had to deal with members who I may have agreed with but whose posts were of the inflammatory variety.

    It is obvious why there ...
  2. Thoughts on depression and the WF

    Okay I know what you’re thinking. Ole Mrmustard is in a gloomy mood. Actually for those who may be concerned at the provocative title, Mrmustard, or Mustard, or 615, all said with affection, is perfectly fine.

    No this is about some of my observations I've seen on this forum in the six weeks or so that I've been posting, I've noticed that there are a handful of people who are quite open with their depression. More to the point we seem to have a recent spate of young writers who are suffering ...