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  1. Like a thief in the night...

    Only it isn't night-time. It's Sunday morning and at around six-thirty my wife, 'er indoors, she who shall be obeyed, Lady and Mistress of all that she surveys and it isn't much, has finished her ablutions and is sat watching the tv. Cramming as much of whatever rubbish gets aired at this time of day into her soap-filled head before it's time for her to leave. I, sitting quietly, out of sight and out of mind, so far as one can be, out of sight and mind, sharing a home with one's other half, living ...

    Updated July 9th, 2017 at 10:06 AM by dither

  2. Itsa worry...

    " itsa " was deliberate.
    Okay'okay already.

    Anyway, look!

    We all have lapses with memory yes?
    I mean how many of us have gone upstairs to do something and then forget why they went ?
    Been there done that eh?
    But this is something else.

    By the way this starting a new line for every new sentence is a habit that developed in another place.


    Whenever I go to the kitchen, or pass through it even, ...
  3. Hop along little rabbit hop along.

    Every night is just another night, come to think of it, every morning, every day week and month, is just like any other, and maybe that's no bad thing. It might seem as though I'm simply treading water in this unpredictable sea of life, totally at the mercy of the ebbing and flowing of the tides, the ripples and the torrents, the raging of the storms and the calming stillnesses that ensue, the never ending seesawing of the elements, but I haven't fallen prey to it yet, and life ? goes on I guess. ...

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  4. Hungover, it's just the booze talking.

    From a life of having never taken the time to figure myself out. We read, all too often of those " hoorah-henry" types who, having graduated from one University or other, embark upon a gap year to " find themselves" and now, finally, having been on this earth for over six decades, I kind of GET that. I'm not lacking in intelligence, not a complete blockhead, always enjoyed good health and well-being and maybe that was my downfall, I never ever wanted, certainly never needed ...
  5. Warm cider.

    On a Bank holiday Monday morning I was ready , no! Gasping, for some fresh air. Our house seems so cold sometimes but right now, in the midst of a heatwave, it's as stuffy as hell and simply opening windows just wouldn't do. I needed out.
    All weekend, after having survived the Saturday morning shopping trip, yes, survived, I've dosed, drank a few litres of cheap cider that really could have done with some refrigeration but the fridge is downstairs and my tiny little spare room is upstairs ...

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  6. how did my day go?

    how did my day go?

    Okay, picture this;

    When I clock on for my final shift of the week, 22-00 til 06-00, as I pack a lunch on a Friday afternoon making ready even, as much as one can make ready, I'm done, mind knows it, body knows it, and if there is such a thing as soul, that knows it to but what the hell, it's gotta be done.
    It was my sister's birthday yesterday ( Saturday ) and so, after enduring the above, I wouldn't be catching ...
  7. Dirt and Diesel,

    There was a story in my Daily Mail, yesterday I think.

    Pre-stained jeans. Can you believe that? Three hundred and thirty quid a pair ( we need a head-palm smilie. ) Totally amazed here.
    Basically, it's a pair of jeans, with no fraying holes and knees in tact, amazed with that also, fashion is moving on. Distressed jeans are so yesterday it would seem.

    Anyway, Pre-stained Jeans; ...

    Updated April 30th, 2017 at 12:46 PM by dither

  8. Why do I do this to myself and...

    how much more will mind and body endure? I wonder.
    I work all week, nights. The job that I do is demanding, times that by ten for someone who is counting the paychecks to retirement-age. There aren't enough hours in a day and however much a person achieves, although no-one is ever really criticised for their efforts and ultimately their output, it's never enough. " Could you stay on for a couple of hours? Or " Could just finish this one and get him out of the yard? He has early bookings ...

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  9. The Zen Buddhist...

    I'm finding Haemin Sunim's book quite a read, am actually surprised and confused by how I'm feeling about what he has to say. I have resolved to re-read it once, maybe twice over even. Not sure what I'm looking for here or what I'm wanting from this but I feel that there might be much to gain. It's difficult to describe how I feel as I read it. Enlightenment maybe? Hope? Besides other things I seem to be getting from it the main message not to be judgemental of course but particularly of the self, ...

    Updated March 30th, 2017 at 06:09 PM by dither

  10. It's just an age thing...

    Probably? I guess?

    An urge? Desire? Just a feeling really,
    To have a rocker on the porch, sit and slowly drink a pint or three of pear cider and watch the world, and his dog, go by. Only, in my world, you wouldn't want to do that. Oh it's not such a bad area I suppose with many of the social problems imagined and/or exaggerated but my porch, if had one, certainly wouldn't be a place for sitting.
    And I find myself having leanings, does that sound right?, toward a coffee ...
  11. Do you ever want to...

    Scream at the silence?
    I actually like mooching about my home in silence alone with my thoughts, certainly don't want people around me and then, I suppose that's not entirely accurate but I do tend to avoid the company of others.
    For most of the day the only sounds I've heard have been the rumble of the wind, the cooing of a Wood Pigeon in the big old Sycamore at the bottom of my garden and the far off jingle of an Ice Cream vendor.
    The occasional bark of a dog, a child shouting. ...

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  12. A death-mask...

    I broke my arm last year, found myself unable to shave, not that i was ever unduly concerned about such a pain in the arse chore, allowed the beard to take sway and decided that i quite liked it and still do. It beats the hell out of having to shave anyway. One less thing to bother with. I like not bothering.
    There has been some leg-pulling at work but all well intended and then last week somebody said to me, " you look as though you live in Alaska fighting the grizzlys, I'll take some ...
  13. A " must read " for me.

    I just read a two page article in my Saturday newspaper written by one Haemin Sunim ( a Zen monk apparently ) entitled " the secret of happiness ", an excerpt from the book. Yeah I know, they only show the really good bits, they are, after all, trying to sell the book and very few of us would dare to totally adopt such a lifestyle but there is much to consider and maybe take from what he says. Anyway, we shall see eh?
  14. She made me laugh...( long one/boredom warning).

    Saturday the fourth of Feb was shaping up to be just like any other Saturday. Having finished work at around six and managing to stay awake on the bus until it pulled into my home-town, I'd made the short walk home and was making ready for my weekly visit to an Asda that was just a fifteen minute bus-ride away. Re-written shopping list followed re-written shopping list until I was satisfied with it. Mugs of coffee were consumed before leaving home, then, having bought a Newspaper en route to the ...

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    Tags: missives
  15. Reading as though there is no tomorrow...

    And, having just finished Lee Child's "Worth Dying For", i am so in awe of the man. Such a wealth of knowledge he must have had or acquired to facilitate such writings leaves me with the stark realisation that i could never even contemplate attempting ​ such a fete.

    Which is why i can only dream of the here and now. " Missives from a nobody. " How does that sound? One day maybe but enough of my woes. What an awesome read. I can't believe my luck.

    Updated January 30th, 2017 at 04:37 PM by dither

  16. Mailing the Tabloids,

    Plastic Bottles:

    The very latest cause celebre according to my preferred daily wheeze and so I E-mailed them. No of course it won't count. Someone, somewhere, maybe even a computer-programme, without so much as a thought, will simply click on delete and flush my heart-felt words down the cyber-toilet.

    My point is that there is so much that I didn't say.

    As I seem to be turning into a very conscientious social observer, it's my age, I have to get my thoughts ...

    Updated January 29th, 2017 at 12:55 PM by dither

  17. Brilliant. Absolutely fookin....

    I have had the most mind-numbing boring nothing day ever, and, for reasons that i don't care to go into, held myself back from switching on and logging in. It's been a shit day and, for me, bedtime wouldn't come soon enough. Then, finally, i reheated some grub that i'd cooked earlier, poured myself the first of quite a few cold ones, and set out to finish my latest read.
    I know that it would be nothing new to say that so often you can find yourself being drip-fed, being given ...
  18. Eight in the morning and...

    I'm on the sauce already.

    Sad bstd eh? No not at all. It's not as bad as it seems. I DO enjoy a few slurps at this time of the week that's though. After succumbing to the effects mental and physical fatigue and cheap booze on a Saturday afternoon, i find that it clears my head. So cool and refreshing.

    Updated January 22nd, 2017 at 08:40 AM by dither

  19. Oh boring boring.... ( a rant, that's all .)

    Comfortable life:

    Should be glad really i suppose but nothing ever really happens with me.

    All week, i eat sleep and work. I slob my weekends away and that is it.

    All so predictable, but safe.

    Safety, i love safety, but it comes at such a price.

    Please don't offer suggestions because that will lead to anger and frustration.

    It is what it is.


    When i say that it will lead to anger and ...

    Updated January 8th, 2017 at 05:53 PM by dither

  20. Ho'ho'ho then.

    On this chilly winter's morning. Quietly mooching about my house thinking of nothing in particular and wondering what the hell i'm going to do with myself for the rest of the day.
    I have a slight hangover but that's normal for a Sunday morning and i wouldn't mind being able to turn my tinnitus down a few decibels but there you go. How about it Santa? A volume control for Tinnitus? Ho'ho'ho then, never mind.
    I reckon i shall have a few minutes pottering about the kitchen, get my grub ...
  21. A Christmas dither: (language)

    Maybe i'm a Mean, Selfish, Cold and Heartless, S.O.B. but even at THIS time of year i'm in my very own little bubble. " Getting on with things, getting on with life. My life". Y'know? Yeah well, maybe you don't, know.
    It's not that i don't care or that i harbour grudges, bad thoughts or the like.

    The whole family/friendship thing. Sending out cards/greetings. The giving of gifts etc. Bollocks!

    Am i really such a bad person?

    Old and tired ...
  22. Oh for a chance to sit,,,,

    stew and ruminate. To ponder having nothing in particular to ponder. Quietly, well not so quietly maybe , i shall always have my old friend tinnitus ringing away in the background. I got old i guess.
    A kid brother used to send me texts, " when you gonna drop by? Come visit? I'm just not a "drop by, come visit " kinda guy, i don't think i ever was really. How does someone like me explain that to a younger person who is so keen, to entertain and be entertained? And so, the texts ...

    Updated December 4th, 2016 at 11:16 AM by dither

  23. Dentist hell:

    I've had a good run i suppose but the time is drawing near. A couple of teeth that are causing serious grief right now can only get worse. Next week, next month, next year , there can be only one outcome, my seeking out and submitting to a dentist chair. Oh god, there! i've said it.

    Why are current dentist methods so "not negotiable/carved in stone"? Why can't we talk?

    Me being me, there will probably be a running commentary through the process of plastic replacing ...
  24. Night-worker...

    I was going to head this " night-worker hell " but in spite the lousy conditions, working outside in all weathers, i really don't mind working nights. It's the week-end that causes the most problems. How to adjust to some semblance of normality for just two days. Now that can ​be, a bitch. By the time six am arrives on a Saturday morning i'm just about done but there's still a long way to go before i can acknowledge that it is weekend.
    Having clocked out and passed through ...
  25. I just got old i guess.

    Time and inclination, what happened to them? What happened to me? Seems so long ago now. The days when i enjoyed, looked forward to even, my weekend jaunts to Barkton and Stugely. Visiting libraries, discovering celebrating and noting the whereabouts of public toilets that don't charge the princely sum of twenty pee just have, well, a pee. Exploring town centers and streets, places that i've known all my life as if i were seeing them anew, with relish. Seeking out and occasionally finding ...
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