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  1. Being homeless sucks.

    Dealing with my second week of being homeless for the fifth ot sixth time in five years.

    I'm tired of this shit.

    Talent, skill, determination and perseverance, hard work, dedication, nothing worked.

    Nothing ever fucking works.

    People are fucking assholes yo.

    Say they have work and then renig, fail to reciprocate the way they say they will, or simply fuck me over.

    Businesses don't want me.

    Can't ...

    I slip inside your hotel with a bag. It's just me but Iím stuffed with stowaways and guilt. Your advert: Imaginary Friends Stay Free.I'm overwhelmed. You see, they multiply, and never leave, so Iím faced with the problem of housing. They never stay in one place...mill about like a plague of locusts, and youíre offering us, a place of confession. I worry, about revenue going to waste through lack of imagination. The city stretches its legs, land hungry for love, anticipating sparkle, like an engagement
  3. Starstruck

    So looking back I realize that I've had the *very* fortunate opportunity to meet not one, not two, but many famous individuals.

    Not only that, but people who actually mean something to me, and who are a positive influence.

    I shook James Hetfield's hand twice. Really nice guy who appreciates his fans. Talented. Metallica is cool, although it's not a band I go out of my way to listen to anymore. But growing up my dad got me into them and that definitely had an influence on ...