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  1. Dirt and Diesel,

    There was a story in my Daily Mail, yesterday I think.

    Pre-stained jeans. Can you believe that? Three hundred and thirty quid a pair ( we need a head-palm smilie. ) Totally amazed here.
    Basically, it's a pair of jeans, with no fraying holes and knees in tact, amazed with that also, fashion is moving on. Distressed jeans are so yesterday it would seem.

    Anyway, Pre-stained Jeans; ...

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  2. Debate Wars - Clarity

    Been procrastinating too much lately. Guess the first step to fixing that is to acknowledge it, like any other problem.

    I've realized (again; you'd think I would've got it the first time) that I only have control over what I do.

    The only thing I can control is how I present myself. How I explain something, the amount of detail and level of specificity. ...

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  3. The Darkness Before More Darkness (profanity)

    I just have to do this "stream of consciousness" style...

    I was talking to Travis at work. He was having a better than normal day. That IED in Afghanistan fucked him up some, but he gets by. Day by day.
    Last night he was in Seattle, at a Social Distortion concert. He had to pass all the teen girls leaving their Panic At The Disco concert as he left.
    The Ferry ride home wasn't bad, he told me. The only problem was he was hungry, and the food on the ferry at ...
  4. Tracking My Thought Process for plausible Sci-Fi Ideas

    A theory...

    Actually, maybe it's a couple of theories. This is me on m whimsy, so...

    I was thinking about the concept of the Black Box- like the kinds in airplanes. They are recording devices that take flight data and voice recording of the cockpit in an aircraft. I was thinking... does the human body have a "black box"? And if it did, maybe it was much, much more sophisticated than that of an aircraft. It might be that the black box of the human body is recording ...
  5. Surprise in the post

    So the postman brought me a nice little surprise in the post this morning. A postcard sent from Tacoma in the USA. From Robin Hobb ahead of her Uk tour and even though I will be unable to meet her on this tour as none of her tour dates are near enough for me to travel to I am glad that she is releasing her new book very soon. If I ever make it as big as her with my writing I want to be like her in the way that she responds to her fans and even goes the extra mile of writing and posting a postcard ...
  6. potting on and pinching out

    New plants, seedlings, it is all happening, and every year some of it goes right and some of it goes wrong, even for the most experienced gardener, but some things can help.

    Not planting the whole packet of seed is usually a good idea. Some special, expensive to produce, seeds donít have lots in the packet, but most have plenty, a packet of Little Gem lettuce I bought has 2,000 seeds, that is extreme, but most have far more than you need.

    Take planting runner beans, ...
  7. Your Name


    I just saw the film "Your Name".

    It's changed my life.

    All cliches aside. I hate using that phrase. Like how "love" can lose meaning when you say that you "love" everything.

    I've never been a fan of anime. I don't mean that in the sense of disliking it. What I mean is that I've never really watched it. But after I walked out of the theater, across the empty parking lot and back to my car, ...

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  8. Waystone #1

    For me, whenever I read a good author, I have this double-feeling of being both floored by some of the impressive things I find, and disheartened because I don't believe I'll ever be able to match it.

    Recently, I had this very feeling and it kind of dug a little deeper than I thought because the author used something I wanted to do, but did it far betterthan I would have thought of doing it (and with considerably less babble). Made me close my laptop for a little while and I didn't ...
  9. Why do I do this to myself and...

    how much more will mind and body endure? I wonder.
    I work all week, nights. The job that I do is demanding, times that by ten for someone who is counting the paychecks to retirement-age. There aren't enough hours in a day and however much a person achieves, although no-one is ever really criticised for their efforts and ultimately their output, it's never enough. " Could you stay on for a couple of hours? Or " Could just finish this one and get him out of the yard? He has early bookings ...

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  10. Debate Wars - Clumsy Calumny


    So the hounds from my previous "Debate Wars" blog post have returned, and this time they've got some new tricks up their sleeve.


    In other words, they'll take advantage of the fact that I'm a fox, and call me a thief and make all sorts of false claims, so that hopefully the other forest animals will "turn me in".

    Allow me to explain how this works.

    Let's say you do an interview. ...

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  11. Humble Pie

    I am four-fifths of the way through Patrick Rothfuss' second book in his Kingkiller Trilogy, "The Wise Mans Fear".

    As such, I've been forced to the realization that, in terms of writing, but more importantly in terms of story, I know nothing.

  12. I can't believe it!

    I just got a call from Covenant Books. I sent them a 16,000 word short story thinking that, if they liked it, I could write two more and make a book out of it. They want to publish it as a book! They're sending me the contract info next week. I am stunned. I wrote the story, about a man whose wife loses her struggle with cancer which sends him into a deep depression. The story is about how he deals with his loss and rises out of the ashes of his pain to become part of the world again.
  13. Anxieties of the modern self.... (Nonsensical rambling, really)

    I got my last paycheck from my former employer. That final bit of money that was the conversion of my vacation time into cash. That money that represented countless hours of not calling in, not leaving early and dedicating myself to the cause of the business. It tastes even more bitter than I figured it would but I have to take it to survive.

    If I could afford to, I'd spit in the face of the disgusting bastards at the top who contribute less and less to positive change in the company. ...
  14. Drawings Update!!

    Figured that since I'm here, I might as well update you on my art. Haven't done too much but the ones I've done I'm pretty proud of. (If there are any repeat posts let me know, I dunno what my last art post was ) Most recent is at the top:
    Sk8r Grl ^
    Sketchy lookin dude ^
    Practice sketch ^
    Winter Soldier drawing^
    (First ...
  15. Advice?

    Hey guys,

    So yeah... last blog post was a bit of a bummer. Things have gotten a bit better since then. Not great, but not terrible...more like tolerable.

    Anyways, lets cut to the chase. I'm thinking of leaving Texas Tech and quitting my Computer science degree. Yeah, I know, probs a dumbass move BUT I'm not 100% quitting school. I'm actually thinking of trying to get a pharmacy tech certification or study basic level computer forensics stuff at a much smaller and ...
  16. Depression is an ugly monster

    You know you have many things to be happy about but you're sad anyway.

    You feel hopeless and tired. You anxious.
    You can't breathe.

    You have a few friends who listen to you but you're scared they'll one day give up on you.

    You like sleeping because your dreams are better than your reality.
    You hate being alone but also hate being around people.

  17. Is it real?

    I haven't been this down in a long time.

    Which means it's been a long time coming.

    By "down", the best way I can describe it is in the context of being numb. Obviously not physically, but from an emotional standpoint.

    And with how well things have been going lately, it leads me to ask just how real is this numbness. Not in the sense of whether or not it exists; that's pretty clear. What I mean is whether or not my depression accurately reflects reality, ...

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  18. Scrapyard # 23

    In some ways
    you were the sunset, rising
    a beauty outside of time
    a separate piece of nature

    your eyes easily
    bring ease to me
    your voice
    like a hymm through the bones of me
    your face sits on the throne of me
    you're kinda perfect

    long strider
    i watch you walk away
    gone for the night
    those eyes
    like twin fires keeping me up at night
    in the morn I pop up
    brush my teeth and lock up
    come ...
  19. I Saw...Fate of the Furious

    This is one of those movies you know is pulp from movie one and you go in looking to overlook various things...

    I liked the first few Furious movies because that's what they There was also a story that passed for entertainment and I think the last Furious movie I liked was Tokyo Drift (favorite character...Han [I'm a sucker for the tragic])

    The rest have been fading for me, but this one seemed to be the worst.

    1. There's a lot of Cuban hype in ...
  20. The Questions

    Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

    These are questions that sit at the basis of the english language.

    Who is usually a rather banal, boring answer.

    What is undoubtedly the most obvious despite how we might not want to believe it.

    Where is another rather dull answer, unless it involves gossip.

    When is always a matter of timing and its value is situational.

    Why is almost never known completely, sometimes to even the one ...
  21. Moral Tyranny

    LOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Prepare yourself...

    Perhaps there are times when you've decided that you are going to give up, you've ceased to care, or that you feel no one or nothing is worthy enough of your efforts...

    I suppose a fair amount of our writing comes from the molds of our lives and in this I only give my perspective of how a "hero" views this. Old is the knowledge that the way we react to trauma and pain determines the person we are. Even so, perhaps ...

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  22. What If

    I'm starting to feel more and more as if Trump and Marine Le Pen are nothing more than controlled opposition.

    The "Hegelian Dialectic" is very interesting, and I'm looking for a couple books to read in regards to it. Probably no better place to start than Hegel himself.

    In theory, I think the way it works is humans work more-or-less in terms of "problem > reaction > solution." Governments and wealthy, powerful individuals have found ways to manipulate ...
  23. The Striding Titan (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon/One Punch Man Spoilers) learn something new everyday and today I had my previous thoughts shattered- that you couldn't write a story with an overpowered figure in it.


    First off, there are plenty of works that handle it wrong and are infamous for their flip-flopping on how they handle supremely powerful characters. However, there are two works that convinced me that it can be done and how. They are Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon's Li Mu Bai, and One Punch Man's...One Punch Man. ...
  24. Fearing the Young

    "You're truly old when you begin to fear the young."

    Every once in a while I think I come across a glimmer of profound wisdom and this thought popped into my head. It was in relation to another though- that you age faster when you begin to think of yourself as old. We all age, but when you increasingly lean towards that, mentally, I think the body follows and it becomes a sort of thing that- while inevitable- it's timing could have been stalled.

    As for the quote, ...
  25. Music...

    I like instrumentals... Currently listening to Lofi Hip Hop 24/7 Streaming channel on Youtube.

    Not really writing, but thinking about things in general. For me, it usually leads to writing later on. Doesn't every writer pour their lives and feelings into their work analyzing experiences and emotions- breaking them down trying to understand and apply them to their characters?

    In a good mood. It's a small time of transition in my life- shifting from a significant point to ...
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