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  1. Being homeless sucks.

    Dealing with my second week of being homeless for the fifth ot sixth time in five years.

    I'm tired of this shit.

    Talent, skill, determination and perseverance, hard work, dedication, nothing worked.

    Nothing ever fucking works.

    People are fucking assholes yo.

    Say they have work and then renig, fail to reciprocate the way they say they will, or simply fuck me over.

    Businesses don't want me.

    Can't ...

    I slip inside your hotel with a bag. It's just me but I’m stuffed with stowaways and guilt. Your advert: Imaginary Friends Stay Free.I'm overwhelmed. You see, they multiply, and never leave, so I’m faced with the problem of housing. They never stay in one place...mill about like a plague of locusts, and you’re offering us, a place of confession. I worry, about revenue going to waste through lack of imagination. The city stretches its legs, land hungry for love, anticipating sparkle, like an engagement
  3. Starstruck

    So looking back I realize that I've had the *very* fortunate opportunity to meet not one, not two, but many famous individuals.

    Not only that, but people who actually mean something to me, and who are a positive influence.

    I shook James Hetfield's hand twice. Really nice guy who appreciates his fans. Talented. Metallica is cool, although it's not a band I go out of my way to listen to anymore. But growing up my dad got me into them and that definitely had an influence on ...
  4. Sometimes...

    I wish I could tell people off and give them a few choice words.

    But that wouldn't be very nice now, would it?

    Instead I shall eat my toast and enjoy my Monday. They only come once a week, after all.
  5. Random Survival Tip

    One word: Adobo.

    It's a seasoning made out of Paprika, Oregano, Salt and Garlic. Not only does it taste great, it can help preserve your food if you lose refrigeration.
    It turns out that Paprika has antibacterial properties. Who knew?
    You can also make a "wet-rub" with citrus and vinegar added. I'm thinking that would be better with fish, or maybe pork.

    Anyway, I'm planning on fixing up a couple quarts "just in case".
    I may ...
  6. The Year Of The Fox?

    ^According to a Canadian "Chinese" Calendar.

    It's bullshit, but I thought it was chuckle-worthy anecdote, and I didn't know what to title this blog because I don't even know what it's going to be about.

    Got an article (or two?) in the works. This time they're on writing. One's "Writing's Not a Pleasure; It's a Discipline", and the other is... I forget. You see, I've been up since 7PM yesterday; not only is that a messed up time to wake-up, but also the ...

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  7. Spoilerific Scene for fun

    You ever get that urge to write a scene WAY ahead of time? I had that itch after a long night of self loathing. So, I figured, why not? This would be the climax of the final novel in my series so, it loses a bit without all the background. But, I figured, why not post it here for amusement?

    “Save the kid and get everyone to safety,” those last orders left Ru'Sala's lips as we parted ways with our cavalry escort. Each of the armored, Elven riders raised their weapons in salute. ...
  8. Are You Going To Be A Writer?

    I think a lot of people wonder if they will get published or not. They wonder if they will ever really be a writer or finish what they started.

    I think it's a lot like love between two people. Maybe it's the same thing. You know you will do something when you can't help but do it. You don't really force yourself, you are pulled towards it. Writing is an innate form of expression. It is your native language.

    I feel like I will get done, despite the utter mess it seems ...
  9. Travel Photos

    Hey guys!

    Here's the fotos I promised to post. Currently I'm in my old hometown of Heidelberg. Still got a little more left on this trip. I return to the US on the 6th of July. I flew into London on the 15th of June. Then shortly after I took the Eurostar to Paris. Happened to get here during a particularly bad heatwave. Jeeze, that was so fuuun :/

    sideways Big Ben (don't know how to fix it )
    IMG_4074.jpg ...
  10. deer flies

    What the hell are these things? I know that they can be particularly bad around horses, but we don't have any near our house. We live in the woods in a deer sanctuary! Hahaha! They are brutal. They orbit your head and then try to bite. It's been raining a lot, so it feels like there are more. Dragonflies like to eat them, which is very exciting to see. I looked up spraying around the yard, but it isn't an effective method to reducing the population. I use Mosquito Bits for the mosquitoes ...
  11. Updated speech actually done.

    I was sweating and shaking at the end of this. And it felt good to get it out of my system. Probably had about two hours of failed takes and me stumbling over my words and I still did it more than I liked.

    The script is here if you're curious

    Humanity who can hear me, please understand. I am but one, tired man in a vast world. I don’t want to rule, conquer or debase anyone. I should like to help everyone - if possible ...
  12. Itsa worry...

    " itsa " was deliberate.
    Okay'okay already.

    Anyway, look!

    We all have lapses with memory yes?
    I mean how many of us have gone upstairs to do something and then forget why they went ?
    Been there done that eh?
    But this is something else.

    By the way this starting a new line for every new sentence is a habit that developed in another place.


    Whenever I go to the kitchen, or pass through it even, ...
  13. You Bein' Played... Again.

    It always seems that after every shooting, we get a lecture about how bad the firearm was, and why it needs to be banned.
    It was fairly quiet after the Virginia ball-field shooting this week I wondered what was up.

    The talking points repeated this time around was the the assailant used a "high-powered rifle". That's as nonsensical and useless as saying your car has wheels. All rifles are "high-powered"; some more, some less. Curiously, the mass-media wasn't ...
  14. MAYHEM

    Oh yes, we like numbers, like to know things, what’s what and where everything is and who’s accountable...and who’s not here, and when will we know different. Humans are always waiting for something,and some things are often late. Oh how I would love to call those people our late government...the previous rulers, the worst in history. Ah, we already use the latter. And still they rise – we just can’t get rid of them. Distractions apart, I and we are counting the days that refuse to show us what’s ...
  15. Sefton park

    Weather forecast awesome so the gig should be great tomorrow...
  16. Eh?

    On my way to Toronto for a political convention and to attend Professor Jordan Peterson's reception dinner.

    Nervous? Yeah. I'm on my own; the fox has left his den. Like, how does one find a bus that will take me from downtown Toronto to where I need to go?

    And what am I going to say to my dad, who doesn't even know I'm here?

    Guess we'll find out. See you Monday, WF!

    From my phone,


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  17. An updated version

    I couldn't decide where to put it in the forums so I figured my blog would be a safe enough place. You see, I've always loved a good speech or monologue. One of my favorites is Charlie Chaplin's final one in the Dictator. It's rather famous. If you've never heard it, here is a link.

    I wanted to make the speech, and in so much as my voice could convey, try to update and replicate the speech for modern day. Much of it is timeless but this is how I felt. Regardless, I'd like some feedback ...

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  18. Hidetaka Miiyazuri - World-Building (Short Because I Have No Time Version)


    "The greatest tool for narrative is the world you create for it to exist in. A well-designed world can tell its story in silence."
    - Hidetaka Miyazuri

    The world of Dark Souls is smaller than that of G R R Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire", but it has so much depth and meaning in it that people are still digging through it's amazing labyrinth. It is one of those stories that either is or has come so very close to being the perfect circle- a story ...
  19. Pay as you go

    Was going to go but never feel like paying to enter to spend money....

    Just a tight arse sometimes
  20. Hop along little rabbit hop along.

    Every night is just another night, come to think of it, every morning, every day week and month, is just like any other, and maybe that's no bad thing. It might seem as though I'm simply treading water in this unpredictable sea of life, totally at the mercy of the ebbing and flowing of the tides, the ripples and the torrents, the raging of the storms and the calming stillnesses that ensue, the never ending seesawing of the elements, but I haven't fallen prey to it yet, and life ? goes on I guess. ...

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  21. Almost there - Thank you!

    by , June 14th, 2017 at 09:14 PM (My Ramblings, thoughts, inspirations and more)
    I haven't been terribly active here lately because I've been working hard on my WIP. I've changed the title, done some extensive revisions/editing and found some wonderful betas who gave me great feedback!

    Over the past nine months, I have gone on such a crazy ride of self-discovery, plenty of doubt and an unbelievable amount of learning. I am doing something I never thought I would do. Something I never thought I was good at, not really. But here I am. I have three manuscripts written, ...
  22. More Art!

    Been working hard on improving my art and just trying to draw as much as possible. I now have a society6 store, which is kinda cool. I put some of my amateur photography on there. I'm not great at photos lol.

    Finished character designs^
    space - Copy.jpg
    Spiral Galaxy^
    reaaaaallly ...
  23. Going on vacation!

    In less than 2 days I'll be on a plane headed to London!

    It's taken a lot of time and work to get to this point. Initially I was gonna go back to Heidelberg 1 year after leaving but family drama and stuff prevented that. The compromise was that I'd go after High school. Well, that came and went and still not progress. But now I finally am gonna go back for a visit!

    I'll be seeing London, Paris, Heidelberg, and Edinburgh. I'll be away for 3 weeks, it should be fun. I'll ...
  24. Because life is a son of a *****

    Never let it be said life isn't a roller coaster at times. I've come to the point where my tarot card finally makes sense to me. I really am the hanged man. I'm constantly looking for the wisdom to gain everything I desire and I hang from the trees around me seeking the truth.

    But, let me cut to brass tacks on what is going on.

    First, I'm still unemployed and almost out of my savings. I'm flailing desperately and am doing interviews but I've yet to be called back. Did one ...


    I haven't been this excited in forever! :0


    Super Ultra Deluxe Collector's Limited Edition, here I come! xD

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