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  1. Ugh... Why Cant It Be E-Z???

    Balance, balance, balance...

    Have to rethink the power-system and have a real good idea on what it is and what it can do at the heights of it's potential, all things considered.

    So frustrating. Even the most minute abilities- with a little imagination and strategy- can be potentially devastating because of their nature. It all goes back to that one thought I had... Imagine what a person who could only make a small flame do...

    A whole freaking lot of damage, ...
  2. A Rogue Criticism of "Rogue One"

    Well this is precisely what I anticipated with Disney acquiring the Star Wars franchise.


    The beating and flogging of a pasture full of decaying, vile, horse corpses.

    Before we get to the one in the picture above, let's just say that 3/4 of the Star Wars franchise has revolved around the Death Star (no, turning the Death Star into a "planet" requires the creativity of a five year old). But Jar Jar Abrams says the purpose ...

    Updated January 17th, 2017 at 11:36 AM by Smith

  3. Before You Despair...

    I was looking through a magazine and I noticed how many tall mother fu-, I mean tall gentlemen there were, and I was thinking to myself, "Man, being tall just gives it to you."

    Not long after, I asked myself "Would you like to be taller if you could?"

    My honest answer... No.

    It's not that I still don't get a little pang of envy at seeing a tall guy strut, it's just that I realized a while ago that even though I might not be this, not having ...
  4. Need

    Just a minor rant:

    Does anyone in the "developed world" have a true understanding of the concept of a 'need'?

    There is so much unhappiness, because people WANT what they do not have. The problem is that they lie to themselves and say that they NEED something.

    Let me cut right to it. If you are totally alone, destitute, with no hope of improvement... you can be happy. If you choose to be. Stop looking at others as some kind of ridiculous, masochistic ...
  5. Fighting Fear !!

    by , January 15th, 2017 at 08:55 PM (Bobo's Blog Brew :-))
    When standing on the upper rim on some of the black ski pistes/tracks I sometimes can get terrible frightened by staring down the abys.
    How will I ever get down there with the heart still beating, and the style not (too) cramped ??
    Style is in reality what I mostly exercise these years.
    The speedy days are over, and as I’m a great fan of beauty, I concentrate on looking around & admiring while skiing.
    Beauty is everything imo (after freedom and peace of mind
  6. Civilization Is Amazing...

    So...I decided to just take a small glimpse at the engineering and layout of a modern city as a sort of reference for my own plagiarist cities.

    Yikes. I have a consuming respect for engineers, now. It's like looking at layers and layers of individual systems piled together and made to run in symbiotic fashion. It's like a mechanical organism that has mechanical and biological components.

    It's not only astounding, it actually made me ask the question when looking at it... ...
  7. Ugh.

    A lot of shit transpires on a daily basis.

    The shit I've been reading in the so-called news is sickening. The so-called reporting is enough to make you gag.

    Drama. A bunch of rich motherfuckers making more and more drama.

    Let's change currency to something cheaper to make. How about marbles?

    They can differentiate worth with size, color, filament, I mean they're marbles, what the hell.

    Frankly, all these motherfuckers out ...
  8. Odds and ends

    Someone I know coming the other way flashed their lights at me, and the chap in front stuck to the speed limit all the way through the village, were these two events related? Probably.

    I came across the phrase ‘He thinks he is a teacher, but he is only an instructor’. Now who does that remind me of?

    Bulbs are poking green shoots through the snow. The survival abilities of the frail amaze me, a petal will bruise at a touch, wither in week, or a day, and yet return every ...
  9. a huge family of unknowns.

    Been debating on deleting some of my negative and hateful posts. I use to think it should stay as a record of how I'm feeling at that point in time, but some of it is literally pure 100% raging out, and is that really something I want to keep around?....

    i find myself resenting my parents for a handful of things, but I've heard so many horrible stories of truly bad parents and it makes my " problems " look normal. Everyone wishes their parents were more awesome somehow. There's ...
  10. In the car

    I look at other drivers and wonder, ‘How much driver training have you had? And, what quality was it?” When you pootle along the dual carriageway at forty five to fifty mph in fifth, being, if not ecologically friendly, at least less damaging, there is time and opportunity to reflect and observe. Not that I am purely being holier than thou doing that speed, a fifteen to twenty percent fuel saving is enough to count heavily when you live on a fixed income, and I get more enjoyment from the music ...
  11. Unmotivated

    Officially working five days a week, eight hours a day, and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon. I did prefer four tens, as having that third day off was quite nice.

    Then again, all I ever did was waste my days off anyway. Never spent them how I knew I should; making some tea, writing, reading, going to Starbucks and writing. Never signed up for that U18 indoor soccer league. Never did a lot of things. Instead, whenever I get on my computer to check this forum, I just end ...

    Updated January 12th, 2017 at 12:02 PM by Smith

  12. More rodents.

    I visited my friend who has a balcony of plants, he has had problems with mice. They have invaded and undermined the base of one of his largest containers; he was alerted by the spoil heap.

    One of the first attempts to control the depredations of rodents must have been the invention of earthenware storage jars and brick granaries about four thousand years ago. We have been at it ever since and the rats and mice have used us to transport them to every continent and most islands, and ...
  13. An eventful week...

    So this wek has been a good one, firstly I was made a mentor on here, which I am over the moon with. Secondly finances seem to be falling back into place after what seems like an eternity of being all over the spot. My hours at work have become more manageable, which means I have more time to spend with the loves of my life, my boyfriend and my writing.

    Yes I am feeling more and more positive as January continues.

    I am feeling hopefully again and I hope that everyone else ...
  14. Zombies Need A Rework

    Zombies aren't scary... I'm sorry. The only ones that really come close are the ones from the 28 Days Later series because they actually run at you and that is scary seeing as though their not likely to lose breath and are fueled only by rage and hunger.

    Three ways to make them scary?

    1) FAST zombies works pretty well.

    2) The Contagion Factor

    Normally, a zombie has to get under your skin or mix fluids with you for you to become infected. However, ...
  15. Cost

    There's something that's so elemental to the condition of life that it permeates all fields, all studies, all dimensions of it. It is present throughout all times and seems to be as constant as a universal law. And that is cost

    If you are seeking balance, than cost is something you are intimately familiar with. Cost appears in any consideration of anything because to do a thing is to exact a cost. The problem is that sometimes, the costs are vague and we commit to things not knowing...and ...
  16. Rat attack.

    There have been rats, they recur periodically around the food sources; the compost bins and aviary; aviary wire keeps them out. I have a platform built of pallets I have covered with aviary wire using a staple gun. The plastic bins sit on top of it and present a rounded surface that is impervious to rats. Ventilation, drainage ,and protection. From time to time there is a system failure; some pallet wood becomes rotten and sinks, or the little door they put on the front of the bin distorts a bit. ...
  17. Oh boring boring.... ( a rant, that's all .)

    Comfortable life:

    Should be glad really i suppose but nothing ever really happens with me.

    All week, i eat sleep and work. I slob my weekends away and that is it.

    All so predictable, but safe.

    Safety, i love safety, but it comes at such a price.

    Please don't offer suggestions because that will lead to anger and frustration.

    It is what it is.


    When i say that it will lead to anger and ...

    Updated January 8th, 2017 at 06:53 PM by dither

  18. Writing goals of the day

    So each day I have the goal to spend at least an hour sat in front of my computer to with the intention of writing more into my novel. Even if I just sit and re-read what I have already written I count that as my goal achieved. So today I thought that I would build upon that simple goal and set myself to sit at my computer until I had at least written one more line and I ended up writing another 1,000 words, to my surprise. I am looking forward o reading my novel in full once I have completed my ...
  19. Drama Exhausts Me

    I've finally figured that out.

    It isn't so much that I'm anti-social or introverted after all. Really, it has more to do with the fact that socializing by nature means more drama.

    I'm done sugar-coating things, so I'll just dive straight into this.

    There's a girl, named Angel of all names (definitely must be the looks, not the personality), who has more or less of a booty-call relationship with our friend Anthony. They used to date, but not anymore, now that ...

    Updated January 3rd, 2017 at 09:40 AM by Smith

  20. Climbing the Mountain

    Climbing Mt Everest by Bob Brown
    I have no idea what makes a man attempt the impossible, only that I have seen the mountain and decided, I wanna to try… I wanna to do more than just wonder, “what if.” My mountain, a 50 mile foot race through the hills and woods of Schuyler County.
    I’m not a runner, not an athlete, but someone who thrives on pushing themselves to see what they're made of. Being a foolish
  21. Climbing the Mountain

    double entry
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images
  22. Hail Vader

    This going to be quick, but...

    I saw the Rogue One movie after the huge disappointment of VII, and I found it a pretty good movie. It was cheesy toward the end with some parts, but I thought it was handled well. Darth Vader had some moments in it and, to me, the initial showings of Darth Vader felt awkward and cringe-worthy, but the final scene with him was jaw-dropping.

    1. For me, in a movie that pretty much void of actual Jedi, it showed just how devastating a force ...
  23. To new beginnings.

    So as 2016 draws to a close we all, each and everyone of us looks backwards over the year, so here is to looking forward; to new possibilities, options and opinions.

    Here is to new stories, poems and articles that we express our individual thoughts and feelings.

    Here is to another year of adventure, mischief and dangers.

    I say to you all here at Writing Forums have fantastic celebrations this eve as tomorrow is a new day, a new year,

    I hope that ...
  24. World Creation for Grand-Fantasy (I keep making words up) Writers...As I Did It...

    Ok, so I’ve been doing this for some years now and I am in no way to be considered a professional. As such, you might want to turn away now and seek out the advice of the GRRM’s of the world. However, I feel like I’ve been doing this for so long and I’ve gotten so good at it that I’m not going to give people advice, I just express how I went about it and maybe people will find inspiration from what they see…

    1. Rome wasn’t invented in a day and my world wasn’t invented ...

    Updated December 31st, 2016 at 12:09 PM by kaminoshiyo

  25. The Religion of Science

    From the outset, I understand what the scientific method is...

    But, the scientific method and science are two different things and neither are foolproof. The method is simply the accepted method by which one goes about proving a thing to be true. Science is the study and accumulation of truths as we perceive them to be true. In other words, what science says to be true has not been validated by the universal avatar of truth. It is simply something that has been decided upon by a congregation ...
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