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Immortalised Immortalised
You have reached a staggering 10,000 posts.

Members who received this award: 2
Sam, Gumby
WF Star WF Star
Outstanding contribution

Star Critter Star Critter
Outstanding critiques award

Star Advisor Star Advisor
Award in recognition for solid advice given throughout the forum.

Members who received this award: 7
KyleColorado, ppsage, Sam, Gamer_2k4, Cadence, Morkonan, Staff Deployment
Potty Award Potty Award
For outstanding pottiness in the face of overwhelming sanity.

Members who received this award: 1
The Cran-Key Award The Cran-Key Award
For being a self-confident opinionated pedant with the annoying habit of being right more often than wrong.

Members who received this award: 4
Cran, Sam, moderan, Potty

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Challenge Winner Awards
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LM Pulitzer LM Pulitzer
LM challenge winner

Laureate Laureate
Poetry challenge winner

WF Prize Challenge Winner WF Prize Challenge Winner
Award for the special prize Challenges rather than the regular LM or Poetry Challenges.

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For Professionally published works, productions or live performances
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Published Writer Published Writer
For individual published short stories and articles.

Members who received this award: 93
, Chrispian, Kat, Leyline, Chris Miller, eggo, dannyboy, Hawke, Red_Venus, KyleColorado, garza, Foxee, seawings, Loulou, spider8, caelum, edropus, Cran, Olly Buckle, apple, The Backward OX, alanmt, Hinducow28, Katastrof, Sam, Tiamat, Prof, KangTheMad, moderan, Dreamworx95, Like a Fox, Lady S, Gumby, Anna Buttons, TheFuhrer02, TWErvin2, Divus, MJ Preston, Jon M, smahan, Nick, KraftyCatch, bearycool, Cory Lamontagne, sailorguitar, Bilston Blue, fossiliferous_g, Jeff Degginger, KarlR, InsanityStrickenWriter, walkbyfaith, Terry D, ClosetWriter, candid petunia, DuKane, obi_have, Flapjack, BabaYaga, Brock, Bloggsworth, Winston, Lord Darkstorm, ChicagoHeart, feralpen, Ravel, Gamer_2k4, Sunny, egpenny, Anthem, Philosophocles, dale, Rusty Nail, Potty, squidtender, rubisco, xlwoo, Kenneth J. Ester, Noxicity, Dave Watson, lasm, Arcopitcairn, Staff Deployment, JackKnife, Dunluchyn, Whisper, FleshEater, starchild, J Anfinson, Abbey08, Pluralized, JamesOliv, bookmasta, ejrosetta
Professional Non Fiction Writer Professional Non Fiction Writer
For published non-fiction in book form

Members who received this award: 2
Cran, Sam
Published Author Published Author
For published novels and short story collections or anthologies.

Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist Published Poet or Songwriter/Lyricist
For published poetry or song lyrics.

Published Artist/Photographer Published Artist/Photographer
For published visual art and photography

Broadcast Award Broadcast Award
For recorded or live-to-air work broadcast by television or radio

Members who received this award: 6
Cran, moderan, patskywriter, Potty, Dave Watson, Dunluchyn
Emmy - Live Performance Emmy - Live Performance
For performing one’s own creative work in front of a live audience.

Members who received this award: 4
Cran, alanmt, Sam, bookmasta
Recorded Songs Award Recorded Songs Award
For professionally recorded music or lyrics

Members who received this award: 3
Cran, moderan, Dave Watson
Ozzie - Movie Mogul Ozzie - Movie Mogul
For creating a video for the promotion or dissemination of creative work.

Members who received this award: 6
, Sam, MJ Preston, Edward Picot, patskywriter, Dave Karnes

Awards and recognitions for staff
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Commodore Emeritus Commodore Emeritus
A one-time-only award bestowed on Baron for his incredible work towards making WF what it is today.

Members who received this award: 1
WF Star Staffer WF Star Staffer
For an outstanding individual effort towards the welfare of WF and its members.

DSO Level 1 DSO Level 1
For volunteering time for service to WritingForums.

DSO Level 2 DSO Level 2
For meritorious service to WritingForums.

DSO Level 3 DSO Level 3
For exceptional service to WritingForums

DSO Level 4 DSO Level 4
For distinguished service to WritingForums

DSO Level 5 DSO Level 5
For Extraordinary service to WritingForums

Members who received this award: 5
Cran, Sam, Tiamat, Gumby, squidtender

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